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So-called #Chile: #Mapuche Political #Prisoners Join Hunger Strike in #Temuco Prison

So-called Chile. July 19. 2020. Seven Mapuche political prisoners join the hunger strike in the prison in Temuco. There are now 27 Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike in three different prisons in so-called Chile: 8 in Temuco, 8 in Angol and 11 in Lebu.

Submitted to Enough 14.

To the Mapuche nation, to the oppressed fighters of the world

As Mapuche political prisoners of the Temuco prison, located in the common module, we declare the following:

Due to the lack of progress being made by the state and current government in responding to the demands of our pu Peñi on hunger strike, we have decided through reflection, nutram, and ka trawum, to join the hunger strike. We have done this in order to arrive to a political solution, considering the health risk that the Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike are facing. We join the hunger strike today, July 19, 2020, in support of the mobilization of the Peñi. We demand their immediate freedom and the freedom of all Mapuche and non-Mapuche political prisoners kidnapped by the state for defending their rights.

We are only one nation on both sides of the mountain range. For our people and the faithful Weichafe of our Lof, all forms of struggle have been validated to resist and combat oppression. We will not remain indifferent amidst the current situation. It is our morality as fighters. The mandate of our Kuifikecheiem ka Elchen Ñuque, Elchen Chau, which guides us, has identified the capitalist system, in all its integrality, as our principle enemy. Our fighting conscious is also integral.

The terrorist state has freed criminals of the dictatorship and cops who have killed Mapuches. However, those of us who fight for ideas of justice, territory, our people and humanity in general, continue to be imprisoned, dispossessed, isolated and our convictions broken. Our prison sentences are political, just as is our oppression. The solution is also political, like the decision of the WEICHAN, because only like this will Mapuche national liberation be established and the FREEDOM OF ALL MAPUCHE POLITICAL PRISONERS be achieved.


Amulepe Taiñ Weichan, Maichi Weu!!!

– Daniel Canio Tralcal.

– Facundo Jones Huala.

– José Cáceres Salamanca.

– Juan Cheuqueta Cheuquepil.

– Fermín Marquez Inal.

– Cristhofer Pino Curin.

– Victor Marileo Ancapi

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