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A monday night in #Portland, #Oregon

Portland. OR. July 20. 2020. Insane clashes with the Federal Police force in Portland are ongoing tonight. There was the largest crowd in 2 months of revolt (on a Monday!), who started smashing down the plywood armor on the Federal Courthouse, then smashed down the doors. The mom bloc and the newly formed dad block were in the mix on the front lines, and members of the mom bloc worked with people in the black bloc to try to kick down the main doors.

Originally published by Black Powder Press Instagram

Feds responded with insane amounts of tear gas and cleared the crowd away. Crowd then regrouped and formed a shield wall, throwing projectiles at the lines of riot cops. Cops tried arresting someone, and the cop was tackled by someone in the crowd, who knocked his helmet off, the person was de-arrested, and then the cop pulled his sidearm and started pointing it at the crowd.

As the shield wall advances and chucks water bottles and other projectiles at the cops lines, several cops lined the courthouse with AR15s and are attempting to re-board up the courthouse. The crowd also extinguished dozens and dozens of tear gas canisters with water, and threw back others at the cops. Leaf blowers were successfully used to blow the teargas away as well. Fuckin wild night. Situation is still evolving.

Photo of shield/umbrella wall reforming and advancing on cops is a still shot from Robert Evans‘ livestream, who has been on the frontlines almost every day. “Of all the assaults on federal courthouses I’ve seen, which has been quite a few, this is by far the best one. Great job Portland.”

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