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Massive DDos attacks against Indymedia DE: …does give in ?

NO. That’s exactly what we have been and will be doing. We are fighting against the 6th DDoS attack this year and we are also fending off this one. This takes time and energy, because the infrastructure has to be adapted.
Thanks to the extensive support of the hosters, some of whom are also affected, we are making good progress. Nevertheless, we cannot exactly say when we will be back on the net.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

At this point a BIG THANK YOU to the brave and courageous donors!
The costs of the running operation for the coming period are covered, which made us very happy 🙂

In the last six months more and more funds were raised to silence us. They, the aggressors (the far-right and their party friends, up to federal authorities and government representatives), apparently see it as a possibility to use malicious technical means to silence one of the voices of the counter-public view.
As the specialized media writes, the daily price for a DDoS attack is 200 – 400 € per day. This makes these vicious attacks simple and affordable. Violence and money is what the right has always operated with.

Whether threatening letters – DDoS attacks or bans – we do not give in.
This will not work !

We provide the emancipatory resistance in all its different forms an OPEN-POSTING-PLATFORM to make the content and practical critique against the ruling system public.

The analysis and (practical) critique in the German-speaking world “formulates” itself against structural racist, patriarchal, life-destroying and capitalist rule in ALL its forms of violence. This includes the representative bourgeois-democratic national state order and its organs of order (including the police, courts and the BfV [1]).
Attacking this order with all political means in order to create an emancipated, socially just, life-enabling world, which is FREE from oppression and exploitation, is the goal of every liberation movement. Whether a movement meets these requirements is measured by its strategic steps and the means it uses.
It must be possible to negotiate these publicly in order to discuss the objectives, to critically accompany and transform them in solidarity.
For this purpose, publicity is fundamentally necessary and theoretically also guaranteed in the representative-democratic bourgeois national state order. As well as the fact that people are granted a fundamental right to information.

Only when it comes to transforming the violent national order (i.e. constitution) into a socially just and emancipatory society free from oppression and exploitation, the entire apparatus of power and repression comes into play to silence the counter-public sphere.

And this is where we, who make COUNTER-PUBLICITY possible, come into play.
As long as the court reporting of the public broadcasters works and news is produced according to market criteria, there is no danger.
The danger only comes when the content and practical critique of the ruling system materializes in the form of an OPEN-POSTING PLATFORM. The content-related and practical critique always refers to the prevailing relationships of power and decisions and their apologists.

It is therefore not surprising that the AFD submitted a de.Indymedia ban proposal to German parliament on July 1 [2]. In this motion, it constructs lies and fake news, as they have become the normality of far-right reality. In spite of this or exactly because of this, Horst [3] has adopted the far-right construct and condemns “the violence of making public” and puts the Verfassungsschutz [1] on a public institution protected by the constitution.


[1] The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German: Bundesamt fĂŒr Verfassungsschutz or BfV, often Bundesverfassungsschutz) is the Federal Republic of Germany’s domestic security agency.

[2] The AFD proposal to German parliament as PDF file (German):

[3] Horst Lorenz Seehofer (born 4 July 1949) is a German politician serving as Leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) from 2008 to 2019 and Minister of the Interior, Building and Community since 2018 under Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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