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#Zurich, #Switzerland: F.I.S.T. – “If They Touch One, We All Respond!!”

Fascism and patriarchy go hand in hand, feminism and antifascism too!!!

In a global context, where a virus is sold to us as war, the fascist apparatuses also use the opportunity to continue their repressive offensive with further brutality. So it is no coincidence that the fascist Turkish military murdered the three activists Şehîd Zehra, Şehîd Hebûn and Şehîd Mother Emîne. These were targeted patriarchal murders!!!

Originally published by Barrikade Info.

On July 14, dozens of women were arrested in Amed, among them Ayşe Gökkan as spokeswoman of TJA (Tevgera Jinên Azad / Free Women’s Movement), the journalist Ayşe Güney, the seventy-year-old Mother of Peace Hayriye Demir and Elif Haran, the co-chair of the prisoners’ aid organisation MED TUHAD-FED. The repression against the Kurdish women’s movement in Turkey has intensified since the criminalisation of the women’s association Rosa in May and is part of the extermination campaign against Kurdish civil society. The feminist struggles and in this case the struggle of Kurdish women against the patriarchal rulers is frightening and is answered with sexist repression!

Because of the pandemic, in war, in political conflicts, our female bodies become a patriarchal battlefield. The misogynous system of domination wants to educate us obediently and punish us for our struggle, our organising!!! That’s why today with these lines we spread the following message to all fascists and patriarchs! We will respond to all attacks with feminist and internationalist answers!!! We will organize our anger!!! Our solidarity knows no borders!!! Si tocan a unx respondemos todxs!!

Like an umbrella, we are a feminist umbrella against the patriarchal and fascist rain!! We connect struggles from and to Zurich with Kurdistan, Colombia, Oaxaca, Vienna, Brazil, the Philippines, the USA or the Basque Country!

We don’t remain silent when the military rapes an indigenous girl in Colombia, we don’t remain silent when the indigenous women of Oaxaca are tortured, burned and buried alive, we don’t remain silent when the LGBTIQ activists in the Philippines are arrested, we don’t remain silent, when Bolsonaro and his assassins murder feminists such as Marielle Franco, we are not blind to structural racism, we do not remain silent when the Grey Wolves attack Kurdish and Turkish and left-wing activists in Vienna, and we do not remain silent in the face of feminicides, neither on the 13th Feminicid of this year in Switzerland or the feminicides in Kobane!

We don’t remain silent, we attack, the rapists are you!!
Against state and structural violence, feminist resistance!!
Finally, as FIST, Feminist Internationalist Solidarity Meeting, today we bring a second message to our Kurdish friends and compañerxs around the world: Your struggle is our struggle! We will lead this struggle militantly and loudly, here and everywhere in the prisons, in exile, on flight, in our daily life!
No pasarán! Jin jihan Azadi!!

F.I.S.T. , July 21, 2020

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