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#Calais Migrant Solidarity: Update Supporting people in Detention

France. For everyone who has close ones in deport centers or who would like to support the people who are victims of the racist incarceration of those who don’t have the “good” papers, here is a short guide to supporting people in detention in France.

Originally published by Calais Migrant Solidarity.

It’s been updated, and the new version (linked below) in now available on the page Resources on this blog (The Calais Migrant Solidarity Blog).

The list ot the french deport centers with their contacts and basic infos, has also been updated.

At the time of writing, due to post – Corona Virus adaptations, visits are allowed but only one person at a time can visit one person at a time. In fact, after being closed for some weeks during the Covid outbreak, the Coquelles CRA close to Calais is open again for half of its places. A plexiglass window will be in the middle of the table, in the visitors room, where you and the person can meet. People are required to carry a mask at all times, from entering the gate and all through the visit, and we were told we could bring as usual items to give to the person visited, but not food.
Works are ongoing in the building to increase it’s “hosting” (locking in) capacity, but one can’t see them.


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