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#Berlin: Successful out of the defensive demo despite police violence

Berlin. In the first evaluation of the demo on the first of August we considered the demo to be basically successful. Enclosed a first press release. A text with a first brief evaluation will follow in the next days.

Originally published by Interkiezionale. Translated by Enough 14.

Press release Interkiezionalen

Berlin, August 3

On Saturday, 01.08., an angry and powerful demonstration took place under the slogan “Get out of the defensive”. The demonstration was directed against the announced evictions of left-wing projects, such as the syndicate (Syndikat), mutiny (Meuterei), Potse and Liebig34 . It also wanted to send a signal against the shift to the right and the increasingly authoritarian state. The demonstration of 3,000 people (count 08:18pm) was attacked and dispersed by the police after a quarter of the demonstration route. Later, an angry spontaneous demonstration moved through Prenzlauer Berg, showing that the police could not stop the protests.

The Inter-Kiezionale-alliance of threatened projects and supporters considers the demo to be a success. In accordance with the slogan “Out of the defensive”, the active participation of many solidary people made it possible to give the demonstration a resistant expression and to avoid being taken off the streets by the police attacks. Instead, the demonstration drew attention to places of repression and brought their rage against the everyday structural violence by police and capital to the streets. Places such as the job centre, the SPD office or the luxury new building on Flughafenstraße were marked.

The spaces that were protested for on Saturday are also spaces of antifascist resistance. The defence of these spaces goes along with the fight against far-right incitement and ideology, as they were spread on Saturday morning by fascists and conspiracy ideologists. Robyn Schmiz says: “As antifascists we concentrated too much on our demonstration on Saturday, and thus probably weakened the counterprotest against the right-wing assemblies in the morning. The brutal dispersion of our demonstration, in contrast to the treatment of the fascists with kid gloves, however, once again illustrates the political motivation of the police”.

For the Inter-Kiezionale-Alliance the demonstration is only a part of the offensive to prevent the threatened evictions. Therefore there is another call for protests against the announced eviction of the syndicate on Thursday. Within the framework of this offensive there will also be a powerful week of action from September 7-13. The alliance is determined to defend the threatened projects with all necessary means.

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