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#Revolt Against Water Payments to US in #Chihuahua, #Mexico

English translation of a report from Difusión Comunista Anárquica about the recent uprising in defense of water in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Originally published by Its Going Down.

Since Wednesday July 29, self-organized protests by campesinos and community members have kicked off in the municipality of Rosales in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. These coordinated actions have been directed against government buildings and other representations of the Mexican state, like CONAGUA (Mexico’s National Water Commission).

They are an expression of the refusal by the local population to be denied water from the “Las Virgenes” dam so that the Mexican state can cover a debt it has with the United States. This dam is one of the principle sources of water for the local population, who use it mostly for agricultural activities and consumption. It should be noted that this area, like much of the northern states that border the United States, is characterized by dry and desert-like conditions. The absence or scarcity of water implies a vulnerability to productive activities that bring sustenance and life to the communities in the region.

In addition, the Mexican state has used both the military and national guard, and has threatened the deployment of more state forces, beneath the pretext of supposedly combating “aguchicoleos,” a term being used to refer to the illicit or clandestine stealing of water from a non-authorized source. However, the only theft and deprivation that exists in the region is that which the state carries out against the people, in order to pay off its debt with the United States.

This was part of the agreements reached a few weeks ago during AMLO’s visit with Donald Trump. The threats have escalated, along with demonstrations of resistance. There is now the possibility of the massive deployment of the national guard and police to the region. The head of CONAGUA, Blanca Jimenez, has requested the massive deployment of state forces to intimidate and stop the direct action of the people against representations of the Mexican State.

The theft of water is one of the many practices carried out by international capital. These actions take place in open and shameless collaboration with left sectors and progressives who are no different than the scum of these governmental administrations (PRI, PAN, MORENA, PRD, etc.). Protected by the rule of law and the democratic order of civilization, they try to keep us submissive and quiet, spitting on each one of us as if we decide to get out and take the streets without previous notice, responding when our compañerxs in struggle are arrested and sent to the dungeons of capital.

Immediate freedom for the prisoners of the revolt in Chihuahua!

In defense of water and life, for the proletarian struggle!

For communism and anarchy!

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