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#Brisbane, #Australia: Fountain Runs Red for the Victims of Fortress Australia

Brisbane. Australia. August 10. 2020. This morning a group of autonomous dissidents went to the heart of Meanjin’s (Brisbane) capital and political district, close to the plush offices of politicians who make decisions about who gets to live freely and safely, and who remains indefinitely imprisoned and tortured in Australia’s detention regime.

Originally published by Anarchists Worldwide.

The fountain runs red today, representing the blood of the dozen or more refugees who died at the hands of Australia’s detention industry, and the thousands of others who have been mentally and physically tortured by it.

We wrote messages to express our rage and our solidarity for the morning coffee goers, joggers and politicians who work in the corridors of power above, to read on their way to work.

Though our gesture this morning is small, it is a symbol of our commitment to fight to the end for the freedom of refugees and abolition of Fortress Australia. We demand nothing but freedom and full citizenship rights for all asylum seekers and refugees incarcerated by Australia.

This is not a game. Refugees have lost eight years of their lives imprisoned by this regime and childhoods have been stolen.

Enough is enough.

We are counting down, there are only days left to choose humanity over this barbaric standard.

Each day is another day of shame to Australia and the countdown is on.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

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