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VT AFL-CIO Members: Vote The UNITED! Slate This week!

This week a special election will be held for District Vice President positions within the Vermont AFL-CIO.  Nominations will be done via zoom on August 12th (5:30pm).  Official delegates will receive the call in information via email. Voting will be conducted on-line until Friday.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Results will be announced Saturday.  Our United! caucus will have nominations for ALL open positions. The UNITED! slate shall be consist of:

* At-Large District VP: Ron Schneiderman (UFCW);*

AFGE District VP: Mike Ross (AFGE);* AFSCME District VP: Dwight Brown (Local 1343);*

AFT District VPs: Helen Scott (UA), and Ben Luce (VSC);*

Building Trades District VP: Tim LaBombard (IBEW Local 300);*

IBEW District VP: Brian Ritz (IBEW Local 300);*

Postal Workers District VP: Omar Fernandez (APWU-VT);

Not up for reelection, and already serving as UNITED! supported Vermont AFL-CIO Union officers are:

* President: David Van Deusen (AFSCME);*

Executive Vice President: Tristin Adie (AFGE);*

Secretary-Treasurer: Danielle Bombardier (IBEW);

Since UNITED! came into power last September (through the elections at the annual Convention), we have made GREAT strides in moving our Labor Movement in a more impactful and more progressive direction.  To touch on only a few areas where we have made progress, thus far we have:

* Hired on-call organizers to provide assistance to affiliates and to help advance our political agenda;
* Replaced the former Political Director position (which was geared towards Statehouse lobbying) with an organizing based Executive Director position;
* Supported the victorious Machinist Local 2704 Strike in South Burlington;
* Stood with Burlington City workers (AFSCME 1343) when they picketed against the Mayor’s demand to open the CBA or face layoffs (and 1343 won!);
* Worked to see the minimum wage raised to a dignified rate of $12.55 an hour (to be phased it);
* Passed a more fair system of worker classification enforcement in the Statehouse;
* Supported VT COVID-19 legislation which resulted in the eviction ban, expanding the unemployment benefit to more qualifying workers, and won crisis pay for numerous Vermonters including 8000 home healthcare workers;
* Declared our independence from the VT Democratic and Republican Parties;
* Helped elect a Progressive majority on the Burlington City Council;
*Endorsed Progressive David Zuckerman for VT Governor;
* Stood in solidarity with Migrant Justice in their fight for justice on the farms;
* Stood in solidarity with Black Lives Matter in their demand for racial justice.

These are solid achievements in just 11 months, but we need to go MUCH further… 
As the pandemic and the economic crisis continue, we need to elect the UNITED! slate to continue our work aimed at establishing a union based Green New Deal economic recovery.  We need the UNITED! slate at the wheel in order that the Vermont AFL-CIO is ready to engage in the fight against job cuts and for expanded social services.  We need to elect the UNITED! slate in order for us to be ready to defend our Vermont State College system.  We need the United! slate in office so that we can fight to make sure major construction projects use UNION labor. We need the UNITED! slate to be in power in order that we can continue to struggle for a more direct and participatory democracy in Vermont.  We need to continue to build a more progressive Labor Movement, and for that we need YOU to vote UNITED!

Therefore, if you are a Vermont AFL-CIO delegate for this special election, we ask that YOU vote for the UNITED! slate.  If you are an Vermont AFL-CIO member, we ask that YOU ask your Local President and your Local’s delegate(s) to vote UNITED! across the board.  Nominations will be on August 12, and voting will be on-line thereafter till Friday.  So come and stand with UNITED! and lets send a message to the old guard that Politics As Usual Is Over!


David Van Deusen

The following is a link to the UNITED! platform (which is now the platform of the Vermont AFL-CIO), Ten Point Program For Union Power (also known as the Little Green Book):

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