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The Hague: Rebellion in #Schilderswijk continues

The Hague. Netherlands. For three nights now, young people in the Schilderswijk district in The Hague have been seeking confrontation with the police. Wednesday evening the escalation started on the parallel road when a fire hydrant was opened and the water company Dunea came together with riot cops to shut it down. About 150 people started throwing stones and fireworks against the cops.

Originally published by Indymedia NL. Translated by Enough 14.

After the confrontation in a side street of the parallel road, the group moved towards Hoefkade, where a pile of wood was set on fire in the street. During the night, people gathered at the intersections of Vaillantlaan/Hoefkade and Vaillantlaan/Hobbemastraat. Here street rubbish (which can be found everywhere, as The Hague is currently struggling with a municipal waste problem) was set on fire, hundreds of people gathered at the intersection.

The police speak of “targeted actions against police officers”, and politicians condemn violence in the strongest terms with the usual dose of racism. It is nothing new that cops in Schilderswijk often use violence against young people and demonstrate racist attitudes. Earlier this year, cops from the Hoefkade police department (where the riots are now concentrated) were transferred after an app group to which the cops belonged was exposed. In the app group, the cops called themselves “the Moroccan annihilators” and made further racist statements.

On Thursday evening, again fires were ignited in the neighbourhood. According to the police and various media, people in the neighbourhood also threw stones from the roofs at the police and journalists/photographers. About 20 people were arrested after the new mayor Jan van Zanen issued an emergency order for the area around the Vaillantlaan (in the centre of Schilderswijk). On Friday evening fireworks were lit here and there, but repression had already increased considerably. As a result of the emergency order, the officers had been given more powers to stop and arrest people. The AT (Arrest Teams, Enough 14) was also deployed in the neighbourhood. Twenty-seven people were arrested, and bans for the premises were issued (including against people living in Schilderswijk).

It now seems that there is a de facto curfew in Schilderswijk and that young people are now even more than usual targeted by the police. Any gathering is immediately suppressed by riot cops and AT’s.


Also riots in Utrecht

Between 250 and 300 people took part in riots in the Kanaleneiland district in Utrecht yesterday and during the past night hours, mainly near a shopping centre. Fireworks were thrown, a storefront was destroyed and bus stops were demolished. A car was also set on fire. Eighteen people were arrested.

Video from Utrecht

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