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#Portland has gotten smarter, developed, and adapted to be able to keep the fight alive for well over 70 days and counting

Portland. Oregon. August 16. 2020. As we develop and hone our skills to adapt to what the police throw our way, and look to other countries with strong and militant social struggles, one wonders how long before street fighting with the police in Portland, OR will start looking more like Santiago, Chile where the primera línea (first line or front line) have evolved and developed to effectively battle the police and push them back regularly. It doesn’t seem so far fetched to imagine what they do there, groups of shield walls backed by huge crowds of people hurl a relentless barrage of projectiles down on advancing lines, could develop on the streets of Portland.

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Cops charged a shield wall in Portland, in one of the most intense scenes of the night.

Or maybe things will start to look more like Greece, where nearly every protester carries a flag-bat and wears a motorcycle hemlet, and barricades with scouts holding them are set up a block away in every direction from the protester controlled space to prevent the police from flanking or attacking from behind, while rocks and everything imaginable rain down on any platoon that approaches. Where in the urban areas with nothing to throw, they bring hammers to break up stone faces of buildings and concrete sidewalks to create ammunition with which they keep the cops at bay.

Or possibly Portland will borrow even more from last year’s protests in Hong Kong, where tear gas was extinguished immediately, huge and numerous barricades were built and defended fiercely, and a never ending stream of expiramental protest tactics were attempted daily.

Some fierce protests around the world, like recently in Belarus, relied on their sheer numbers to swarm cops making arrests an force them to submit.

Who can say if that would happen in a place like Portland, but based on the current trajectory of things, seeing any of these possibilities would be completely unsurprising.

One thing is for sure. As the cops get more desperate, violent, and vindictive, Portland has gotten smarter, developed, and adapted to be able to keep the fight alive for well over 70 days and counting.

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