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#Santiago, #Chile: Communiqué from the Anti-Authoritarian Action Group

Santiago de Chile. Chile. “It’s inevitable, everything will continue, in time.” This is how we ended one of the last texts we wrote in the context of the social revolt in Chile and with the beginning of a State of Catastrophe due to Covid-19 in March of this year.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Anarchists Worldwide.

And so it was, everything continued with the obvious safeguards, various social initiatives of mutual support and solidarity began to emerge after the social problems brought about by the pandemic that has taken the lives of thousands of people in our territory. For example, the sanitization of collective spaces such as means of transport, streets, bus stops, while the common pot, food collections for humans and animals in an autonomous and self-managed way has been the engine during these months for organized people, individuals, collectives, groups, political organizations, etc.

While the context of street protest changed its dynamics, the massivity of downtown Santiago is “paused” by quarantine and the security of police and military, but it remains active and multiplies from neighborhood to neighborhood, from population to population, after different episodes of explosions of people’s rage.

Territorial initiatives are gaining strength. We remember in April the commemoration of comrades Erick Rodriguez and Ivan Palacios in their combative town. Later, in the same month the anniversary of the psychopaths, rapists and traffickers, the police, was celebrated with counter-propaganda, barricades and attacks against the police. In the same way, the streets were taken again for the commemoration of May 1st, the historical memory comes alive with acts.

In the first days of July, an anonymous and autonomous initiative emerged to go out and demonstrate in the streets and this was echoed in various villages, neighborhoods and towns with propaganda, barricades and clashes. Also in that month, the AFPs [Administrators of Pension Funds], the justice of the rich in the case of Antonia Barra and the public account were the instances where the anger of the people who went out in large numbers to loot, erect barricades and confront the police and military. That was the tone, and that’s where you had to be with the safeguards that have always been used.

Finally we reached the month of August, the macabre case of Amber Cornejo’s rape and murder unleashed people to take to the streets again with force, cops and militia tried to contain the barricades that were erected, but people didn’t get scared, curfews don’t run when protest calls.

On the other hand, the dignified struggle of the Mapuche people does not cease, remaining firm in all this time. Currently, dozens of Mapuche prisoners are on hunger strike, a struggle inside the prison that gives constant pressure to the Chilean state. While at the same time, communities in resistance in the south continue to be harassed, the attack on the Mapuche is intensifying, as are the racist and fascist events and attitudes that have occurred in Curacautín. In the current legal context, the military and pacos (paramilitary groups) are prowling the cities and towns with their weapons and armoured cars in full view of everyone.

They want to normalize the violence of the State in all territories, as it happens in our populations, especially when people come out to manifest themselves as a spontaneous and autonomous response against authority, in solidarity with a cause and/or against the obvious injustices of this country. But the strength of all is stronger, solidarity flows, it breaks with social control, its quarantines and its curfews. There are no more excuses to stay home while the population is giving everything.

With the strength and words that Machi Celestino Cordova delivers along with his struggle inside the prison, for the Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike, for the autonomous subversive prisoners of years, for the captives of the social revolt, for the comrades Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar again imprisoned, against every law that the rich and powerful try to impose, against femicide, against police, military, security and gendarmes. We will continue to build, advance and actively support barricades, agitation, propaganda, dissemination and counter-information with the support of our neighbours who do not buy from politicians or any government entity and who from the street look forward to a social day, as well as to practice the confrontation where more than once the enemy has been chased away turning the avenues into spaces to share collectively. It is inevitable, everything will continue.

Despite the pandemic and curfews, the struggle is still alive and does not recede!
In memory of every woman murdered, raped and abused!
Strength to the prisoners of war, the subversives, the Mapuche and the revolt!
As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!

Anti-Authoritarian Action Group
Pikunmapu, Valle Central
August 2020

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