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#Facebook bans: This was bound to happen

August 21. 2020. There’s no denying that we as anarchists have found social media such as Facebook and Twitter to be a useful tool for disseminating our ideas*. They’ve also been invaluable in building networks of relatively like minded activists. But, and there’s always a but, being massive corporate entities, we’ve always had it in the back of our minds that at some point, our presence on these platforms would no longer be welcomed.

Originally published by The South Essex Heckler.

Well it looks as though that point has been reached. Yesterday morning (20.8), we saw this article from Freedom about Facebook binning anarchist pages in the US: A note on Facebook’s crackdown against US anarchist groups. Later on, we saw this post from Enough 14: Statement: Corporate social media and digital censorship – Enough 14 banned on Facebook. Enough 14 are based in Germany so it’s pretty clear that Facebook’s clampdown is not restricted to the US but is in fact, going global.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we’ve probably become over-reliant on social media as a propaganda tool. With lockdown drastically restricting opportunities for the distribution of printed propaganda to real people, that reliance on social media has increased to an unhealthy level. Well with Facebook going on a bit of a rampage, we’ve had a wake up call and have to respond accordingly.

We’re still going to need some kind of social media presence and will stay on Facebook and Twitter until we’re booted off. As a back up, we’ve set an account on Mastodon:

We hope to see at least some of our followers coming over to Mastodon to join us.

Despite lockdown and the new(ab)normal being used to impose restrictions on how people meet and interact with each other, we have to explore other ways of getting our ideas and propaganda out. A return to getting out and about on the estates and streets has to happen regardless. In the coming period, we’ll be experimenting with various ways of doing this – watch this space:)

* Mind you, as organisational tools, they’re a massive security risk. Also, they’ve been host to way too many divisive rows that in the main, could have been sorted out in a comradely fashion by face to face conversions and meetings.

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