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Lawyer Ebru Timtik loses life on 238th day of her death fast demanding fair trial

Turkey. August 27. 2020. Lawyer Ebru Timtik lost her life after a failure of her heart on the 238th day of her death fast. Along with lawyer Aytaç Ünsal, Titmtik was on a hunger strike since February for the right to a fair trial. She was sentenced to more than 13 years in prison in 2019.

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She was the People’s Lawyer, She Sought Justice For Her People, She Resisted For Justice, She Was Martyred.

On August 27, the People’s Lawyer Ebru Timtik was martyred on the 238th day of her death fast resistance which she started with the demand for a fair trial. Ebru Timtik was the lawyer of the people. To this day she has been at the shoulder of the people in courthouses, courtrooms, the squares and the areas of resistance. She was the lawyer of the poor people whose right to shelter is being taken away by demolishing their shanty houses; She was the lawyer of the villagers whose mountains, forests and rivers had been plundered. She was the lawyer of the workers and students who resisted for their rights. She was the lawyer of the workers who were murdered for the profits of the bosses in mines, construction sites, factories. She was the lawyer of those who were murdered and left disabled by police bullets. She was the lawyer of those who were tortured in police stations and prisons… She was the lawyer of anyone who suffered injustice and lawlessness.

In short, she was the lawyer of the people. She was the honorable lawyer of the honorable people, she did not expect justice by the hand of the law, but she always did her best, and did not avoid doing more than her best in the courts.

She was the lawyer of Berkin, who was murdered by the police at the age of 15. While the state was protecting the murderers of Berkin, she started a hunger strike in the street where Berkin was shot so that the murderers could be put on trial, she wanted justice for Berkin with her hunger.

She was the lawyer of the 301 miners who were murdered in a mine in Soma. While the state and its judiciary protected the bosses, she demanded punishment for the murderers and justice for the 301 miners killed by the bosses.

She was at the forefront of the months-long resistance of Nuriye and Semih to get their jobs back, who were fired by the Decree, and whose jobs were taken away and their labor stolen. She was sometimes the person accompanying them at the hospital and sometimes the activist who was taken into custody so they weren’t harmed.

While the Kurdish people were massacred by bombs and bullets in Sur (Diyarbakır), she was the one who asked the murderers to account, she came passing through the bullets and knocked at the door of Sur.

She was the one who was tortured while cursing imperialism in front of the consulate against the gasp of his sisters right of residence. For her jailed sister, who was also her colleague, she was the one who kept watch in front of the courthouse in Çağlayan for days without worrying about snow or winter, rain or mud, without minding the freezing cold or storm. She was the one who warmed you. She was a friend, a mother, an older sister of her comrades.

In the prisons of fascism, she never gave up. She always said, “This is the white pain of our forehead ” and “So as they jailed us then we are fighting well”. Yes, Ebru used to fight well. Her anger against the enemies of the people was as strong as her love for her people. It would frighten the enemies of the people…

That’s why Ebru became the target of AKP fascism along with the other people’s lawyers. On September 12, 2017, the People’s Law Offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Diyarbakır (Amed) were raided and 18 lawyers were detained, they were imprisoned on the orders of the political power, the AKP government. In their first hearing a year later, all captive lawyers were released, but as a result of AKP fascism’s intervention in the judiciary and its pressure on judges and prosecutors, the lawyers were arrested again only 10 hours later. Ebru did not surrender to this unlawful decision. She continued to work as the advocate of the people in her office and to train new people’s lawyers. On June 20, 2019, she was detained and arrested again in a new raid on the People’s Law Office.

Why did Ebru resist, what did she want?

The people’s lawyers were sentenced to 159 years of imprisonment, in a trial where no legal rules were obeyed, the right to defense was destroyed, and secret witness lies and the lies of only one slanderer was used. At every stage, these punishments were given by the intervention and instructions of AKP fascism. In other words, a fair
trial was not held in an independent and impartial court.

That’s why the people’s lawyers said, “We do not accept your 159 years” For this reason, our two lawyer friends Ebru and Aytaç started a death fast for the right to a fair trial. Their aim was to seek justice through their hunger. It was to show that they did not accept this unlawfulness and that they would not bow to this injustice. They wanted a fair trial, they wanted the law to be applied. That was all they wanted. This was not just a demand limited to them. Injustice was the problem of all the peoples, justice was the demand of all people. Ebru and Aytaç chose the Death Fast to draw attention to the injustice and unlawfulness they experienced and to be a voice for the people’s desire for justice.

Ebru Timtik announced that she started an indefinite hunger strike on January 3rd 2020, and Aytaç Ünsal and 4 colleagues on February 3rd 2020, with the demand of a fair trial. After 2 months of hunger strike, on the Day of Lawyers in Turkey (April 5, 2020) they announced that they had turned their hunger strike into a death fast.

Ebru and Aytaç have resisted for months with their hunger for justice and the right to a fair trial. Those who ignore their demand for justice have done everything to avoid meeting these demands. This resistance that lasted for months caused the health of Ebru and Aytaç to deteriorate with each passing day.

Due to the deteriorating health conditions of Ebru and Aytaç, their lawyers applied to the court. Upon this application, the Forensic Medicine Institute prepared a report about Ebru and Aytaç, stating that “they cannot stay in prison due to their health condition”.

The Istanbul 37th High Criminal Court decided to forcefully hospitalize Ebru and Aytaç instead of releasing them, despite the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute. Upon this decision, Ebru and Aytaç were taken to two separate pandemic hospitals with a risk of infection. Ebru Timtik was martyred on day 238 of her resistance after being kept in a hospital room since July 30 which, in terms of physical and hygienic conditions, had harsher and riskier conditions than a prison cell.

Ebru and Aytaç showed the world how to act as a lawyer with their resistance. Years ago, Ebru cried out in a protest in front of the statue of Themis, the goddess of justice, in the Istanbul Courthouse, crying out her demand for justice and demand for freedom, saying, “If a lawyer dies, she will seek justice in her grave” and explained what being a lawyer meant for the people’s lawyers. That is why Ebru and Aytaç’s Death Fast resistance is also of historical importance in terms of the lawyer profession. In the history of lawyers, they are the rare examples of struggle against injustice and lawlessness. They are the ones who have continued the tradition and have built advocacy and human rights defense on its real historical foundations since Nerva, the lawyer who started the death fast by doing the last thing he could against the tyranny of the Roman emperor Tiberius, against the injustices he witnessed.

With this resistance, Ebru and Aytaç disgraced the AKP Fascism, they announced their injustice to the world, as Nerva did to Tiberius, and explained that neither their judgment nor their rulers had a legitimate ground anymore.

The martyrdom of Ebru is a proof that AKP fascism could not bow down to the People’s Lawyer Ebru.

Who Is Ebru’s Murderer?

The murderer of Ebru is AKP Fascism, who unlawfully imprisoned her and ordered 159 years of punishment and left them without justice. The murderer is AKP fascism that intervenes in the judiciary at every stage, prevents Ebru and Aytaç’s freedom with commands and pressures, and makes all kinds of pressure on them not to be released even when they are on the verge of death. The murderer is AKP fascism who put Ebru in a small hospital room with no air, no sun, conditions worse than prison, kept her under isolation and torture, and accelerated her death in her last days. The judiciary in Turkey bowed down to the commands of AKP fascism. They are the judges of the Istanbul 37th High Criminal Court. In order to prove itself to AKP fascism, it is the 16th Criminal Office of the Supreme Court of Appeals that deliberately prolonged the process by not examining the file that has been in front of them for months and so caused Ebru’s death. It is the hospital chief physician and doctors who have tortured Ebru for days, ignoring Hippocrates’ oaths and professional ethics, even though she did not have a request and refused treatment.

They killed Ebru. We will not let them kill Aytaç!

We call out to the 16th Criminal Office of the Supreme Court of Appeals; blood is on your hands. You are the murderer of Ebru, do not be the murderer of Aytaç! Examine the file, apply the law, release all of our imprisoned colleagues, break this unlawful decision! Do not bow down to AKP Fascism anymore!








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