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Social Struggle Construction Site – Weekend of discussion and action in #Leipzig – #Connewitz

Leipzig. Germany. We, sincerely, invite everyone to spend the weekend of the 4th until the 6th of September with us. Especially in tough and challenging times, we see the need to come together, get to know each other, to discuss and to develope strategies of action. While the fascization of state and society keeps on stepping forward, we face increasing repression against emancipatory structures and individuals. Therefore we need do find and construct moments of collectivity. To place it somewhere, we decided to arrange the setting in Connewitz. The local struggles are marked by the urban fights for collective spaces as well as by antifascist resistance in the 90s. We find them today in the resistance against fascists and structural violence of capitalism and the police. Connewitz, as an antifascist rampart in Saxony offers the opportunities to self organization and to form and grow resisting and struggling structures. Of course that’s the reason, why the area has been in focus of repression authorities for years: antifascist and struggling structures shall be demolished and stamped into the ground. This plays into the hands of fascists within and outside the state and the real estate market with the violent interest of the capital. For us it is a concern to find collective answers to oppose the attacks and to consolidate relationships supra regional. The weekend should create opportunities to learn from past and recent struggles in order to build on in the present and future.

Originally published by Indymedia DE (Tor Onion adress).

Based on the consideration of international struggles, we want to line out the revolutionary tendencies of territorial struggles such as in Chile, Rojava and Greece to discuss parallels and differences. For us it is important to emphasize on the feminist struggles within these socio-political conflicts. The example of Rojava is showing us that revolution does not have to remain a left utopia and that liberation from state and capitalism must go hand in hand with overcoming patriarchy.

To give all this a practical expression, we will take the streets with a powerul demonstration: For a solidary society!- Against gentrification, fascism and repression!
There will also be kitchen for all and a “Soli-Sause” to financially support those targeted by repression. We’re keeping the hope for nice weather, but will also provide some shelter in case the weather turns bad. Stay tuned, a more detailled program will follow. We look forward to see you – bring your friends, comrades and accomplices!

With solidary greetings,
Soziale Kampfbaustelle (Social Struggle Construction site) Leipzig-Connewitz

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