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Statement No Border Kitchen #Lesvos: #Moria has burnt to the ground

Lesvos. Greece. Statement by the comrades of No Border Kitchen after Moria has burnt to the ground.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page ( https://

Moria has burnt to the ground. For years the politicians of europe looked away. They send money to buy of their responsibility and took in symbolic numbers of migrants from the monolith of inhumanity known as Moria. For years, it was clear that this was bound to happen. If not yesterday then two years ago, or one year from now. The unavoidable consequenses of europe’s xenophobic, racist and inhuman policies have collided and as a consquence, 15000 woman, children and men homeless. Stuck outdoors with all they owned gone. Support only sporadically possible because of the sheer amount of people in need. When disasters like this happen in other parts of the world, in the surround area people would support eachother and come to their aid. In Lesvos we know it means more repression, violence and facist activity.

How the situation will be “resolved” is uncertain, but on of the first actions of the Nea Demokratia goverment was to declare a state of emergency and send 3 contigents of riot police with brand new equipment and uniforms. With the action of this goverment, or any other goverment for that matter, as the standard this situation will no doubt lead to a situation worse then before. In the past year things have become worse every day, and this trend is not expected to change any time soon.

For months Covid-19 was used as an excuse to restrict the mobility of people and keep most in the camp. For months, the pressure has been building. And yesterday, it came to a boil. The conditions in Moria are unsuitable for social distancing, proper hygiene or any of the other anti-covid practices that we take for granted in the rest of europe. 15000 human beings knew they where going to be left behind. Left behind by a system that sustains itself on racism, exploitation and the suffering of millions. Through the horrors of wars funded and fought in the interest of the western countries. Through the streets of the ghetto’s worldwide. Through the bullets of the police, the politicians who rely on fear to steer society’s worldwide in the direction of xenophobia and invidividualism.

Despite the odds being stacked against us, we will fight and support as best as we can for a world without borders.

No Border Kitchen Lesvos, September 9, 2020.

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