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Czech Republic: Disobedient #Brno – bookfair of radical imagination

Czech Republic. Brno. Let us invite you to the first year of the festival of independent and radical literature called Neposlušné Brno (“Disobedient Brno”). We are to continue the long tradition of Prague Anarchist Book Festival – furthermore, we would like to create a space also in Brno for small publishers and DIY groups dedicated to anarchist literature. At the same time, it will be a great opportunity for mutual meetings, debates and education.

Originally published by Neposlušné Brno.

The theme of the first year of Neposlušné Brno is people’s right to the city. The growing rental and apartment prices, the lack of affordable services, the effects of climate crisis, the unsatisfactory housing conditions and the displacement of low-income citizens to the outskirts of towns are problems that people are facing in most cities around the world. Urban social movements, both local and global, want to see the city as a shared space, not a market commodity. They fight for everyone to have access to quality and affordable housing and a healthy environment.

Brno is not an exception. Due to the cancellation of the project Housing First, the privatization of the city’s housing stock and the weak response to the climate crisis, it is becoming an increasingly inaccessible city for its diverse population. At the same time, new collectives are emerging that are trying to reverse this trend.

Apart from bookstands and publishers, Neposlušné Brno will offer you also lectures and discussions on the topics of the right to housing, democratization of the city, life in the city during the climate crisis and more.

The festival will take place in the premises of the former Káznice, which now serves as background for many activist groups. It clearly presents how colorful the use of empty houses can be when they are made available to residents. Káznice is located in Cejl, a district that is undergoing intense gentrification and from which the original inhabitants are gradually being pushed out to other parts of the city. This is why we consider it symbolically important to organize the festival at this very place.

Neposlušné Brno – bookfair of radical imagination – October 24, 2020 at Káznice

Programme will be announced soon.

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