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#Rigaer94: From #Leipzig to #Berlin – Every eviction has its price!

On Wednesday 02.09 “Luwi 71”, an anarchist Squat in Ludwigstr. 71, Leipzig East. which was squatted on 21.08.2020 got evicted.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

For the day after, Thursday 03.09, a Day X+1 demo was called in solidarity with the evicted squat. The demo took place in the Eisenbahnstraße neighborhood. It was really dynamic and determined. Cops were attacked, barricades build and lighten up. During the confrontations people tried to resquat “Luwi 71”. On Friday 04.09 a building at Bornaische Street 34 at the area of Connewitz was also squatted. The cops managed to evict the new squat after few hours, and for that reason there was another spontaneous demo the same night. A cop station was attacked, stones were throughn at the cops, surveillance cameras got destroyed, couple of windows damaged by color and stones and streets were closed because of burning barricades. In this situation cops lost control and two cop cars crashed into each other. On Saturday 05.05 evening, the announced demonstration “Combine struggles” took place. It’s character was once more dynamic showing that the antagonistic movement is united and determined. Luxury apartments were attacked, small attacks on the cops took place and a lot of pyrotechnics were lighten up. At the same time a cop tub on the premises of the police administration office went up in flames in the west of Leipzig.

These days in Leipzig made clear to state and capital, and as well to the radical movement in Germany, that massive militant resistance in the streets is still possible. Through the two squats, the dynamic demos and the decisiveness of the movement in Leipzig, the phrase “raus aus der Defensive”, which was materialized in Berlin during the 1.8 militant demo, acquires content and continuity. The creation of such collective militant moments should be one of our political priorities, and the current circumstances are a fertile ground for building such moments and creating strong political bonds and relationships. Only through these moments our proposals and ideas are actualized, our fear becomes experience and friends become comrades.

We consider such attempts, as the two squats that took place in Leipzig, as necessary and encouraging for the radical movement, especially when tactics such as re-squatting are attempted. Choices which show the decisiveness and militancy of a movement. In a reality in which housing is becoming a privilege, cities are becoming fields for capitalist profit, defiance of private property and legality are becoming the way to develop and rally the movement.

These militant days gave a strong answer to all our political enemies. No eviction will stay without an answer. As long there is state and capitalism, exploitation and repression, racism and hetero-patriarchy our place will be in the streets.

Let’s bring our anger in Berlin too. Giving a continuity to the fights that took place in Leipzig, lets come together at the Demonstration on the September the 12th at Wassertorplatz (Berlin Kreuzberg) at 8 p.m. showing our solidarity with Leibig34, fighting together against the city of the rich, the state and the cops.

Solidarity with the people got arrested in Leipzig!

Every eviction has its price! Solidarity with all the threatened projects!

Rigaer 94, September 11, 2020.

Demo-September 12th (today), Wassertorplatz (Berlin Kreuzberg) at 8 p.m. (20:00)

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