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Far-right activist Rebecca Sommer on #Lesvos

Lesvos. Greece. Far-right activist Rebcca Sommer ist on Lesvos at the moment. Here is some information about her.

Submitted to Enough 14.

On her YouTube channel Rebecca Sommer uploaded a video at September 11, which was recorded at September 9. In the description of the video Rebecca Sommer says: “Since 2 months I am on the island of Lesvos, the gateway to Europe for illegal migration.” Sommer also used words like the “asylum and migration industry” and “migration flood” in the video description. Among the far-right narrative in the description of the video are also parts like:

“But the real reason for my being here (on Lesvos) is the following:

I came in solidarity with the people of the island. And because I want to save my own country. Because this is where everything starts, among other things, in the matter of asylum & migration and Europe. For me, the islanders of Lesvos became Hellenic heroes when the whole island as well as the neighboring island of Chios rose up in protest at the beginning of the year, young and old, left and right, olive growers or business owners, and prevented the construction of further giant reception camps. Like here in Germany, decided from above, without the “free, prior and informed consent” of the population.” Sommer refers here to the wave of fascist blockades and attacks against migrants and aid workers on Lesvos earlier this year.

Sommer continues her far-right rhetoric with a far-right classic: Reversed victimhood. She doesn’t speak about the live-ammo that was used against migrants by police and soldiers at the Evros border, but says: „Erdogan redirected the masses and sent an “Alhamdullilah Migration Army”, it was like war on Evros. All of us were stuck in the news and were stunned by the violence of the “refugees”.“

On her Facebook Profile she also marked some politicians of the fascist AFD parties among her “favourites”. (We dont want to link to facebook, but this is the adress of her Facebook profile:

Rebecca Sommer (Image Indymedia DE, March 2019)

Rebecca Sommer – from “anti-racist” to Islam opponent

Indymedia DE, March 29, 2019

Rebecca Sommer was active in the anti-racist civil society in Berlin Treptow-Köpenick. Now she has transformed herself into an opponent of Islam and a racist and is approaching more and more far-right structures – also nationwide.

It’s annoying, but it happens now and then: people who were previously active in left-wing and/or anti-racist structures quietly or with a lot of fuss switch over to far-right structures. There they usually enjoy a lot of attention for a while, as they can come up with all kinds of stories as “key witnesses”, which goes so wrong when working with refugees or inside alternative structures.

Unfortunately, this is also what happened in the case of the former self-appointed “refugee aid worker” Rebecca Sommer, who was active in the Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick for several years. She was (and is) organized in the “Working Group on Flight and Human Rights” and was involved in various civil society and anti-racist alliances and contexts. At the beginning of 2018, a very public turnaround took place. In January Sommer gave two interviews in the far-right Polish magazines and Do Rzeczy, in which she presents the whole new-right spectrum of Islamophobic and racist positions. With the constant backing of the “experience as a refugee aid worker,” she tells us that Muslims have been “brainwashed since childhood” and fears that “they alone through their masses will change everything here”. Interviewer Natalia von der Osten-Sacken shines with open and value-free questions such as “What would you describe the refugees’ attitude toward women,” to which Sommer replies: “In the end, almost every new Muslim migrant wants a Muslim woman subordinate to him, preferably wearing a headscarf of course”.

In this and also in following interviews and articles in right-wing media such as RT Deutsch or Tichy’s Einblicke, Sommer again and again blows the horn of the Islam opponents; the religion is medieval, brutal and misogynistic and almost all Muslims are brainwashed, mean machos. Even those who pretend to be Western are in reality only interested in deceiving and harming whites.

So far, so blatant. But Summer’s turnaround is not as radical as one might think. Even in her time in the anti-racist civil society in Treptow-Köpenick, her work was characterized by paternalism and culturalizing images towards non-whites. In an interview she explains that she was a “savior, friend, sister and mother” – communication at eye level, solidarity and anti-racist attitudes are different.

Since then, Sommer has been an active opponent of Islam and is moving closer and closer to organized far-right structures. In 2018 she signed the so-called Declaration 2018, in which she demanded border security and a stop to migration, side by side with racists like Thilo Sarrazin and Vera Lengsfeld. At the end of 2018, she founded the facebook group “Initiative Basisgruppe”, which subsequently toured the media and announced that the “Base of refugee aid workers” considered integration to have failed. On Women Fighting Day 2019, the initiative participated in the organization of a “Migrant Women’s March”. Many People of Colour, but apparently also antifascists followed the call for a demonstration. Many or at least some were certainly deceived by their self-designation as “human rights activist” or “refugee helper”. Therefore we have to clarify here unfortunately once: Rebecca Sommer has not been part of the anti-racist civil society for a long time. She represents Islamophobic and racist positions and always reaches out her hand to open right-wing and far-right media, persons and initiatives. Cooperation with her or participation in her events should be banned by leftists, anti-racists and antifascists.

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