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#Moria, one day we’ll pay for it: The agonizing screams of migrants being tear gassed by riot cops [Video]

Lesvos. Greece. When they were faced with the horrors of war and violence, we failed them, so they were forced to abandon the places where they lived. When they crossed the borders to escape to Europe, we closed them up indefinitely into overcrowded camps in the outskirts of the continent, like Lesbos island, forbidding them to freely move within Europe. When the pandemic came, we locked them up like prisoners inside the camps for almost 5 months. When one of those cramped refugee camps in Moria (built for 3.000 people, while housing 13.000) was burnt to the ground, we sent an army of riot policemen to make sure that they cannot leave Lesbos island. When they tried to move to Mytilene, the capital town of the island, to get food and water, we blocked their way with scores of riot policemen and local racists. When frustrated at the lack of help, they protested for being intentionally starved, in order to be forced to move to a concentration camp, where they’ll be imprisoned in return for food and water, we teargassed their small children and their elderly, we teargassed all of them.

Originally published by Perseus999.

In times where crimes against humanity were committed on a mass scale, the excuse for most was that “they didn’t know”. We can’t claim that. The agonizing screams of their children will haunt us until we hear their one and only demand. “Azadi”, meaning “Freedom”. And even then, it is not enough to only object to what is happening in Lesbos, a beautiful island that has turned into a symbol of Europe’s failings in migration policy. There is a moral duty to speak out and to act, knowing what we know and having seen what we have seen.

Did you know that the official motto of the European Union is “In varietate Concordia”, ie. “United in Diversity”? Just saying.

The events depicted in the video took place on Saturday 12 September 2020, 3 days after the burning of Moria, (Europe’s largest refugee camp), in the area of Kara Tepe, just a few kilometres outside Mytilene, Lesbos in Greece. Harrowing images from that day show small kids writhing in agony, after they became affected by the stinging chemicals which were fired by greek riot policemen trying to stop the migrants’ protest, next to their improvised shelters made of reed stalks, blankets, and salvaged tents.

[All 4 videos have been recorded by refugees]

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