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Offices of political parties in downtown #Bremen, #Germany, attacked with paint bombs – Evacuate #Moria!

Bremen. Germany. In downtown Bremen, various offices of political parties were marked with “Evacuate Moria” and paint bombs in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

During the night of Tuesday, an autonomous group attacked the headquarters of the right-wing, conservative and neoliberal parties (CDU, FDP, SPD, Bü. 90, the Greens) with spray paint and paint bombs to draw attention to their failure in refugee politics in general and their inaction with regard to the situation in Moria in particular. Due to the lack of a party office in Bremen, the AfD could not (yet) be attacked, which the activists regret very much. At the party headquarters there are now the inscriptions “Evacuate Moria”, “No Fortress Europe” and other symbols of political freedom. Activist Anna says: “We hit the parties where it hurts them most: in their public image. Anyone who complains now only shows the hypocrisy of the political landscape in Germany”.

But the group does not want to leave it at that. Activist Arthur says: “Paint is bought fast, balloons are not expensive either. We continue and you hopefully also. The philistines should be glad that it is only paint and not yet Molotov cocktails. Don’t get caught!”

All people remaining in the Moria camp must be evacuated immediately. We have space.

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