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Voices from #Moria: Mohammed

Lesvos. Greece. The following text is written from Mohammed’s perspective, who “lived” in Moria for ten months and who wants to share the words he found. We republish this text, to release it from the Facebook prison.

Originally published by No Border Kitchen Lesvos Facebook page.(

Tell me about the bloody feud over steamed food? Or from forced corpses? From the bloody war between two compatriots? Or from a woman who sold her body to any animal man? Where do I start talking about this damn camp? Toilets that are deadly virus-free and waterless without the possibility? Or from stealing and robbing people on repetitive cold nights? From the attitude of the people of fascism? Or the bad mouths of the police while on guard?

Do we know how corona is and will be used by the gouverment as excuse to justify building fences and walls around certain people to make them invisible. From being imprisoned in prison? Or from mandatory quarantines?
From the displacement of thousands of people in a rotten tent? Or from the line of food and free diapers? And now they burned and burned everything that the people had and built in this terrible prison called Moria.

How much between countries, between borders, between waters, between every rude person, how much we died, how much we died and did not die to taste or undrstanding life. Yes, but now we do not even have hell (Moria). We are nationless people who do not accept any of lands. It hurts to see a mother with a chador in the fire with a child in her arms, she does not know where to run , where and where to take safe or shelter … Where is that European with culture and originality, where are those who boasted of humanity and humanity. Those who always showed their support for the people in the media with a long tongue?

Today, thousands of people, from the elderly to infants, die without any food or water in the scorching sun on the hot, fiery streets of the cradle of culture and history in an ancient country and continent. Where are those people today who boasted of supporting and emptying the media full of your words … Where are they? Yes they are not. Because they were just words(speaking), only the media to attract the audience and earn more money …The goverments doing what they want, not what they should do.

There is such cruelty and gradual death that is being done to these defenseless people today.

Mohammed, September 18, 2020.

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