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Barricades in Framework of a New September 11 in #Chile

Flaming barricades were set up throughout Chile in the framework of a new September 11, the day on which the fascist dictatorship of Pinochet seized power in a coup in 1973.

Originally published by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Note: Some photographs and reports by comrades from the Photographic Front (FF: Frente Fotográfico) recording a new day of memory and action for September 11 in certain communes. In times of pandemic, with a state of emergency and soldiers on the street in Santiago de Chile.

Santiago, Chile: Photographic record of a new September 11

-September 10 in Maipú

Hooded ones erected barricades and displayed canvases in memory of Claudia López near the Metro Las Parcelas de Maipú on the eve of a new commemoration of September 11.

-September 11 at the Romería, Santiago Centro and Recoleta.

Guarded by an exaggerated repressive contingent, the traditional Pilgrimage to the General Cemetery was held, commemorating the fallen and disappeared due to State terrorism during the 17 years of military dictatorship and 30 years of neoliberal pseudo democracy.

As usual, after constant harassment by the police forces, in front of the cemetery the protesters erected barricades and confronted the police who charged violently, making selective arrests inside the cemetery, dispersing with extreme violence the expressions of support and solidarity on this date so dark for the history of Chile.

-September 11 at Pedro Aguirre Cerda.

With a bike ride / march, the residents of the fierce Pedro Aguirre Cerda commune demonstrated in commemoration of the 47 years since the coup where the Chilean right wing, led by the military, imposed on us the model of life that to this day bends us and condemns us to live in constant indignity.

With the memory intact and the dead ahead, the organized people have proposed to end the dictatorship once and for all. Neither military nor oligarchs.

No more dictatorship!

-September 11 at Villa Portales.

Organized residents of the emblematic Villa Portales held a meeting in commemoration of the victims of the dictatorship and the pseudo neoliberal democracy.

No more dictatorship, freedom to all prisoners of the revolt!

-September 11 at Las Torres in Peñalolén.

Nobody is forgotten!

-September 11 in Independence.

The streets of Independencia were also present this September 11.

Our best tribute is to keep fighting, nothing and nobody is forgotten!

-September 11 in Peñalolén.

As always, Lo Hermida Present!

Neither the pandemic nor state terrorism stops the residents of Lo Hermida in Peñalolén who this Friday took to the streets of their town again to commemorate September 11.

Note: Some photographs and reports by comrades from the Photographic Front recording a new day of memory and action for September 11 in certain communes. In times of pandemic, with a state of emergency and soldiers on the street in Santiago de Chile.


Chile: Canvas and barricades in the framework of a new September 11


On this dawn of a new September 11, from the Lafkenche coast we remember our dead with fire.

47 years after the installation of the neoliberal, murderous and devastating model imposed in the dictatorship, we stood up and in their names we shouted revenge, we also did not forget the fallen in the hands of this murderous democracy that today reimposes a curfew and maintains the military in the streets, defending the interests of capital at the point of rape, torture and murder.

Since the dictatorship until now nothing has changed, the repression has not stopped and its authoritarian practices continue to imprison those of us who fight for total liberation in their extermination centers.

Today more than ever we must resume the social war that since October 2019 in the territory dominated by the State of $hile made this asphyxiating normality explode, envisioning that the destruction of this world is possible and necessary. Our memory is black and combative.





Temuco, Chile: Barricade in memory of Comrade Claudia López and within the framework of a new September 11

Barricade is set up in av. Barros arana, Temuko, in commemoration of the 47 years of the military coup.

22 years after the murder of Claudia Lopez.

No forgiveness, nor forgeting.

Freedom to all political prisoners.

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion !!


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