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#Liebig34, #Berlin: Turning the eviction into a desaster – but how?

Berlin. Statement by Liebig 34 about the upcoming eviction attempt.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

Turning eviction into desaster – but how?

October 9th at 7 am the cops will try to evict us! Now we have to defend the house with all means. Every day before 09.10. is now DayX! The house has so far been defended and to evict us has become a threat for the city. On the one hand, it is now a matter of building up more pressure and increasing the threat scenario. In order to act effectively and collectively, we want to share our thoughts here on how to make the eviction attempt a disaster for the cops, the Senate and Padovicz. Stay up to date:

Pressure before is not our whole strategy. In order to act effectively and collectively, we want to share our thoughts here on how to make the eviction attempt a disaster for the cops, the Senate and Padovicz. That this is not the one truth and that many different forms of action make sense is clear. Nevertheless we want to discuss approaches to find effective joint actions against eviction attempts.

Seat blockades are often tried to prevent evictions. But they proved to be ineffective against massive cop deployments, especially when, as in the case of the eviction of the syndicate, the strategically useful blockade points are located in restricted areas. The repression associated with sit-in blockades is quite high (joint resistance, coercion…) – although any repression is of course disproportionate. We cannot win the direct confrontation with thoroughly militarized cops. By surprise we can be successful for a short time. Nevertheless, sit-in blockades are not to be rejected. Using one’s own body, without much help, to resist and directly block the cops is also an important tool. If we surprise the cops with sit-blocks or form a large mass, it can be quite effective. It is also important to have the feeling to block the street together against an injustice and to be one with many people in a collective moment of physical resistance. How many of us had moments of radicalization at the sight of cop violence during the clearing of a blockade against fascists?

The potential of purposeful chaos is high. The high dynamics of autonomous groups, can unhinge the linear concepts of cops. Every barricade draws cops. And once they are there, the next one is already burning. Moreover, every attack on capital, its infrastructure and its guarantors – the cops – pushes up the price of an attempt to evict.

On the day of the attempted eviction there are two goals. On the one hand, we have to gain time. Because the cops still want to evict Raduga e.V., which, as everyone probably knows by now, is not in possession of the premises. Since the cops will still try to do so, we need the time to intervene with a lawyer. The second goal is to fight against the eviction politically. In our case, it is particularly involved in the forms of oppression of capitalism, the state and the patriarchy. We have been fighting this and its instrument of forced eviction for a long time. We also want to take this day as an occasion to take the struggle forward, to get moving and to fight offensively against oppression and repression.
As soon as emancipatory and revolutionary approaches are pursued, the cops are not far away and try to destroy our existence and our resistance.
So on the one hand there is a need for decentralized actions that rob the cops of time and thus give us time. Infrastructure is a good starting point here. An attempt to evict us will require a lot of material and cops, which will have to be brought in first. These logistics have to be disrupted and destroyed.
Liebig34 is part of the anarchist, the queer and the feminist struggle. To advance this, to give more movement to the political idea of the house and to fight against oppression and repression is not only to be understood as revenge, but also the survival of this idea. The targets are clearly patriarchy, state and cops, and capitalism and its infrastructure.

For decentral actions – in Berlin and everywhere!

And as always: Be careful with each other, so that we can be dangerous together!

Liebig34, Sptember 20, 2020.

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