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Statement on the “#Berlin §129 proceedings” and police raids in #Athens

Athens. Greece. A statement by those affected by the police operations carried out in Athens on September 16, 2020 related to the proceedings for the formation of a criminal organization.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, several apartments were raided in Berlin and Athens. The accusation of the German Federal General Prosecutor at the Federal Court of Justice is “formation of a criminal organization” according to §129 StGB. In Athens, at 6 a.m. German time – 7 a.m. Greek cops of the anti-terrorism authority (D.A.E.E.B.) and one cop of the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) stormed two apartments to execute search warrants against three accused and at least one other person affected.
The accused, as well as the other persons present in the two apartments, were taken to the headquarters of the cops in Athens by the cops and were brought to the rooms of the (anti)terror cops on the 12th floor.

After 10 hours of waiting, 2 people were released and the remaining three were officially arrested on the basis of pepper spray that was found in the apartment (violation of the Greek weapons law) and two pocket knives, and were also charged for refusing to give fingerprints. After another 6 hours, the persons were transferred to the prison wing on the 7th floor. The next morning, all three were dressed in a film-like manner with bulletproof vests (typical for a presentation by the anti-terrorism authority), tied up and brought to court by a heavily armed squad. At the end of the production, the court decided to postpone the trial and to release the prisoners.

As part of the Kafkaesque game, both the German and Greek media fulfill their role as henchmen of the system, as expected. The state’s attacks on the movement have always been accompanied by the mainstream media, so that the sovereignty of information and the definition of the relevance of the situation should lie with the cops and the state. In the proceedings here, the little information the cops released was enriched in populist articles with also false statements and assertions in order to give the desired impression to a wide audience.

The cooperation between German and Greek authorities is certainly nothing new. Not surprisingly, but still worth mentioning, we find the common organization of the different authorities. They use a single procedure to implement the political interests of the security authorities and the state in both countries.

While there is barely a Nazi group identified in Germany that does not involve cops, right-wing (mass) movements reflect the current zeitgeist, far-right forces have successfully shifted the line of discourse in their favor, and assassination attempts on migrants have become a daily practice by fascists, the current Greek government is trying to align social standards with those of Western European countries. This “modernization program” is being implemented with fascistic arguments and methods. The German Minister of the Interior Seehofer speaks in the same negative attitude of the intake of migrants from Moria as his Greek equivalent Chrisochoidis and his boss Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The CDU – on European level a sister party of the Greek governing party Nea Dimokratia – seem to want to compete in their anti-human attitude. Emerging organizing against these conditions should be nipped in the bud by their puppets. Intensifying the cooperation with the export smash hit “German Police” does not only provide pragmatic advantages. In both countries, squats and house projects face an acute threat from the state and capital. Thus, the measures taken against us are merely intended to produce a picture for all those who oppose this logic.

Also in Greece the application of paragraph 187a/b (the Greek equivalent of the German § 129) is a popular tool of the cops to suppress the anti-authoritarian movement. The procedures are similar almost everywhere in Europe and beyond. Individual subjects of the movement are singled out, investigated and in the following personal friendships and political references are presented to the public as damaging. It is not uncommon for people to be locked up and tortured. The position of the state as punisher and at the same time as patron saint of the adapted – lethargic members of society should be emphasized. Political and personal isolation as a tool for maintaining the capitalist order is another example of the state’s doctrines.

They have the guts to prosecute people on charges of forming a criminal organization while they seek to assert their capitalist and patriarchal interests armed, well-connected, internationally organized and with all their power.

Only solidarity, networking and political confrontation can help against this authoritarian violence. Overcoming the borders of states in order to strengthen organization and solidarity is a way in the right direction.

Last but not least, this operation of the cops proves that the enemies of freedom have long since been working well networked beyond their self-defined borders. The internationally operating consortia of corporations, often originating in Germany and buying cheap real estate and companies in crisis-ridden cities such as Athens; also to evict squatted buildings so that even the smallest thing can still be used to make a drop of profit, are also only a fragment of the grimace of capitalism.
The only answer can only be anti-national solidarity. That is why we are here. Not to indulge the cultural richness of the “cradle of democracy”, but to seek the struggle against the origins and effects of capitalism also in places where solidarity makes common struggles possible.

The strategies of the repressive apparatuses are usually limiting themselves to expose only a few, but they always aim to address a movement. So let us respond together against the attacks by the state…

We are happy about the large number of solidarity messages and actions! Solidarity with all people affected by repression.

Every oppression is only more fuel in the fire of our passion for freedom!

The struggle continues!

Those affected by the measures in Athens, September 20, 2020.

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