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#Germany: Day X in #Herrenloswald – The clearing for #A49 has begun

Dannenrod. Germany. October 1. 2020. The clearing of the forest for the controversial further construction of the A49 freeway began in the early hours of this morning. The logging work is taking place under police protection in the Herrenwald FFH protection area. This lies on the planned route of the A49, north of the Dannenröder Forest, which has been occupied for a year in protest against the construction of the freeway section and for a consistent traffic transition. A few weeks ago, platforms and tree houses were also constructed in the Herrenwald, and activists have announced that they will also block the logging there and the associated expansion of the freeway.

Submitted in German. Translated by Enough 14.

“We are horrified and shocked that in times of advancing climate change, insane construction projects such as the A49 are being pushed through. We call on all people not to pass the responsibility for this on to us, but to stand up for a future worth living for with determination and independence. We are not leaving here, all forests remain”, the squatters inside the tree house village “OK Norden” in the Herrenwald said.

Resistance against the construction of the A49 freeway has been going on for several decades. With today’s beginning of deforestation, activists have proclaimed the so-called “Day X” and are mobilizing via social media for nationwide support in the forest. After a big demonstration on October 4 and with the beginning of the autumn hollidays a large number of people are expected to join the protest. The police expect weeks of struggle over the evictions and logging of the forests.

The start of the logging work for the construction of the A49 freeway is highly controversial. “At this moment, in 2020, DEGES is destroying a flora-fauna habitat with a political mandate to build a highway there. In the face of species extinction and the climate crisis, this is a slap in the face. While Germany reaffirms its commitment to nature conservation at the UN ‘Summit on Biodiversity’, valuable habitats are being destroyed. With this clearing, the Black-Green state government and Transport Minister Scheuer are showing that they have no interest in a consistent traffic transition and compliance with the climate goals. They could stop this clearing immediately and stop the police operation. Because they do not do that we must oppose this destruction with our bodies”, says Marie, climate activist on site.

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