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Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee of the #EZLN: Part Six: A Mountain in the High Sea

Chiapas. A statement by the indigenous revolutionary clandestine committee of the EZLN.

We will sail to European lands. That we will leave and that we will set sail, from Mexican lands, in the month of April of the year 2021.

That, after traveling through various corners of Europe below and to the left, we will arrive in Madrid, the Spanish capital, on August 13, 2021 -500 years after the supposed conquest of what is now Mexico. And that, immediately after, we will continue the path.

That we will speak to the Spanish people. Not to threaten, reproach, insult or demand. Not to demand that you ask us for forgiveness. Not to serve you or to serve us.

Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee of the EZLN

Originally published by Enlace Zapatista. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.



OCTOBER 5, 2020.

To the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Governing Council:

To the Sixth National and International:

To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion:

To the honest people who resist in every corner of the planet:

Sisters, brothers, hermanoas:


The indigenous peoples of Mayan and Zapatista roots salute you and tell you what came of our common thought, according to what we look at, hear and feel.

First.- We look and listen to a sick world in its social life, fragmented into millions of people alien to each other, bent on their individual survival, but united under the oppression of a system ready to do anything to quench its thirst for profit, even when it is clear that this path goes against the existence of planet Earth.

The aberration of the system and its stupid defense of “progress” and “modernity” crashes against a criminal reality: femicides. The murder of women has no color or nationality, it is worldwide. If it is absurd and unreasonable for someone to be persecuted, disappeared, killed because of their skin color, their race, their culture, their beliefs; It cannot be believed that being a woman amounts to a sentence of marginalization and death.

In a foreseeable escalation (harassment, physical violence, mutilation and murder), with the endorsement of structural impunity (“she deserved it”, “she had tattoos”, “what was she doing in that place at that time?”, “ with those clothes, it was to be expected”), the murders of women have no criminal logic other than that of the system. Of different social strata, different races, ages ranging from early childhood to old age, and in geographies that are distant from each other, gender is the only constant. And the system is unable to explain why this goes hand in hand with its “development” and “progress.” In the outrageous statistics of deaths, the more “developed” a society is, the greater the number of victims in this authentic gender war.

And “civilization” seems to say to native peoples: “the proof of your underdevelopment is in your low rate of femicides. Have your megaprojects, your trains, your thermoelectric plants, your mines, your dams, your shopping centers, your appliance stores -with a television channel included- and learn to consume. Be like us. To pay off the debt of this progressive aid, their lands, their waters, their cultures, their dignities are not enough. They must complete with the lives of women.”

Second.- We look and listen to nature wounded to death, and that, in its agony, warns humanity that the worst is yet to come. Each “natural” catastrophe announces the next and conveniently forgets that it is the action of a human system that causes it.

Death and destruction are no longer a distant thing, which is limited to borders, respects customs and international conventions. The destruction in any corner of the world, affects the entire planet.

Third.- We watch and listen to the powerful retreating and hiding in the so-called National States and their walls. And, in that impossible leap back, fascist nationalisms, ridiculous chauvinisms and deafening verbiage revive. In this we see the wars to come, those that feed on false, hollow, lying stories and that translate nationalities and races into supremacies that will be imposed by way of death and destruction. In the different countries, there is a dispute between foremen and those who aspire to succeed them, hiding that the boss, the master, is the same and has no nationality other than that of money. Meanwhile, international organizations languish and become mere names, like museum pieces… or not even that.

In the darkness and confusion that precede those wars, we listen and watch the attack, siege, and pursuit of any hint of creativity, intelligence, and rationality. Faced with critical thinking, the powerful demand and impose their fanaticism. The death that they plant, cultivate and harvest is not just physical; it also includes the extinction of humanity’s own universality -intelligence-, its advances and achievements. New esoteric currents, secular and not, are reborn or created, disguised as intellectual fashions or pseudo sciences; and the arts and sciences seek to be subjugated to political militancy.

Fourth.- The COVID 19 Pandemic not only showed the vulnerabilities of human beings, but also the greed and stupidity of the different national governments and their supposed oppositions. Measures of the most elementary common sense were despised, always betting that the Pandemic would be short-lived. When the passage of the disease became more and more prolonged, the numbers began to replace tragedies. Death thus became a figure that is lost daily amid scandals and statements. A gloomy comparison between ridiculous nationalisms. The batting and earned run percentage that determines which team, or Nation, is better or worse.

As detailed in one of the previous texts, in Zapatismo we opted for prevention and the application of sanitary measures that, at the time, were consulted with scientists who guided us and offered, without hesitation, their help. The Zapatista peoples are grateful to them and we wanted to show it that way. After 6 months of the implementation of these measures (masks or their equivalent, distance between people, closure of direct personal contacts with urban areas, quarantine of 15 days for those who may have been in contact with infected people, frequent washing with soap and water), we regret the death of 3 comrades who presented two or more symptoms associated with Covid 19 and who had direct contact with those infected.

Another 8 comrades, who died in that period, presented one of the symptoms. As we lack the possibility of proof, we assume that all 12 comrades died from the so-called Coronavirus (scientists recommended us to assume that any respiratory difficulty would be Covid 19). These 12 absences are our responsibility. They are not the fault of the 4T or the opposition, of neoliberals or neoconservatives, of chairmen or fifís [“the rich”], of conspiracies or plots. We think that we should have taken even more precautions.

Currently, with the absence of those 12 comrades, we improve prevention measures in all communities, now with the support of Non-Governmental Organizations and scientists who, individually or collectively, guide us in how to deal with more strength to a possible regrowth. Tens of thousands of masks (specially designed to prevent a probable carrier from infecting other people, inexpensive, reusable and adapted to the circumstances) have been distributed in all communities. Tens of thousands more are being produced in embroidery and sewing workshops by insurgents and in the villages. The massive use of masks, the two-week quarantines for those who may be infected, the distance and the continuous washing of hands and face with soap and water, and avoiding as much as possible going out to the cities, are recommended measures even for partisan siblings, to contain the spread of contagions and allow the maintenance of community life.

The details of what was and is our strategy may be consulted in due course. For now we say, with life beating in our bodies, that, according to our assessment (in which we can probably be wrong), facing the threat as a community, not as an individual matter, and directing our main effort to prevention, allows us to say, as Zapatista peoples: here we are, we resist, we live, we fight.

And now, all over the world, big capital wants to return to the streets so that people can resume their status as consumers. Because it is the market’s problems that concern it: the lethargy in the consumption of merchandise.

We must take back the streets, yes, but to fight. Because, as we have said before, life, the struggle for life, is not an individual matter, but a collective one. Now it is being seen that it is not a matter of nationalities, it is global.

  • * –

Many of these things we look at and hear. And we think about them a lot. But not only…

Fifth.- We also listen and look at the resistances and rebellions that, not because they are silenced or forgotten, are clues of a humanity that refuses to follow the system in its hasty passage to collapse: the mortal train of progress that advances, superb and impeccable, towards the cliff. While the machinist forgets that he is just another employee and believes, naively, that he decides the way, when he does nothing but follow the prison of the rails towards the abyss.

Resistances and rebellions that, without forgetting the crying for absences, insist on fighting for -who would say- the most subversive thing in those worlds divided between neoliberals and neoconservatives: life.

Rebellions and resistances that understand, each one in their own way, their time and their geography, that the solutions are not in the faith in the national governments, that they are not protected by borders or by wearing different flags and languages.

Resistance and rebellion that teach us, Zapatistas, that the solutions could be from below, in the basements and corners of the world. Not in government palaces. Not in the offices of large corporations.

Rebellions and resistance that show us that, if those from above break the bridges and close the borders, it remains to navigate rivers and seas to find ourselves. That the cure, if there is one, is worldwide, and has the color of the earth, of the work that lives and dies in streets and neighborhoods, in seas and skies, in the mountains and in its entrails. That, like the original corn, many are its colors, its tones and sounds.

  • * –

All this, and more, we watch and listen. And we look at each other and listen to ourselves for what we are: a number that does not count. Because life is not measured, it does not sell, it is not news, it does not enter the statistics, it does not compete in polls, it does not have a rating on social networks, it does not provoke, it does not represent political capital, party flag, fashion scandal. Who cares that a small, tiny group of natives, indigenous people, lives, that is, they fight?

Because we happen to live. That despite paramilitaries, pandemics, megaprojects, lies, slander and oblivion, we live. I mean, we fight.

And we think about this: that we continue to fight. That is, we continue living. And we think that during all these years, we have received the fraternal embrace of people in our country and the world. And we think that if life resists here and, not without difficulties, flourishes, it is thanks to those people who challenged distances, procedures, borders and cultural and language differences. Thanks to those – but particularly women- who challenged and defeated calendars and geographies.

In the mountains of the Mexican southeast, all the worlds of the world found, and find, hearing in our hearts. The word and action was food for resistance and rebellion, which are but a continuation of those of our predecessors.

People with the sciences and the arts as a way, they found the way to embrace and encourage us, even from a distance. Journalists, fifís and not, who reported misery and death before, dignity and life always. People of all professions and trades who, a lot for us, maybe a little for them, remained, are.

And we thought about all this in our collective heart, and it came to our thoughts that it is now time for us, we Zapatistas, to correspond to the ear, the word and the presence of those worlds. The near and far in geography.

Sixth.- And this we have decided:

That it is time again for hearts to dance, and that their music and their steps are not those of lament and resignation.

That various Zapatista delegations, men, women and others of the color of our land, we will go out to travel the world, we will walk or sail to remote soils, seas and skies, seeking not difference, not superiority, not affront, much less forgiveness and pity.

We will go to find what makes us equal.

Not only humanity that animates our different skins, our different ways, our different languages ​​and colors. Also, and above all, the common dream that, as a species, we have shared since, in Africa that seems far away, we started walking from the lap of the first woman: the search for freedom that animated that first step… and that continues to walk .

That the first destination of this planetary journey will be the European continent.

That we will sail to European lands. That we will leave and that we will set sail, from Mexican lands, in the month of April of the year 2021.

That, after traveling through various corners of Europe below and to the left, we will arrive in Madrid, the Spanish capital, on August 13, 2021 -500 years after the supposed conquest of what is now Mexico. And that, immediately after, we will continue the path.

That we will speak to the Spanish people. Not to threaten, reproach, insult or demand. Not to demand that you ask us for forgiveness. Not to serve you or to serve us.

We are going to tell the people of Spain two simple things:

One: They didn’t win us over. That we continue in resistance and rebellion.

Two: That they don’t have to ask us to forgive them anything. Enough of playing with the distant past to justify, with demagoguery and hypocrisy, current and ongoing crimes: the murder of social activists, such as brother Samir Flores Soberanes; the genocides hidden behind megaprojects, conceived and carried out for the happiness of the powerful – the same one that is scourging every corner of the planet; monetary encouragement and impunity for the paramilitaries; the purchase of consciences and dignities with 30 coins.

We Zapatistas do NOT want to return to that past, not alone, much less by the hand of those who want to sow racial resentment and intend to feed their outdated nationalism with the supposed splendor of an empire, the Aztec, which grew at the coast of the blood of their fellow men, and who wants to convince us that, with the fall of that empire, the original peoples of these lands were defeated.

Neither the Spanish State nor the Catholic Church have to ask us for forgiveness of anything. We will not echo the phonies who ride on our blood and thus hide that their hands are stained with it.

What is Spain going to apologize for? For having given birth to Cervantes? To José Espronceda? Leon Felipe? Federico García Lorca? To Manuel Vázquez Montalbán? Miguel Hernández? Pedro Salinas? Antonio Machado? Lope de Vega? To Bécquer? Almudena Grandes? Panchito Varona, Ana Belén, Sabina, Serrat, Ibáñez, Llach, Amparanoia, Miguel Ríos, Paco de Lucía, Víctor Manuel, Aute always? Buñuel, Almodóvar and Agrado, Saura, Fernán Gómez, Fernando León, Bardem? Dalí, Miró, Goya, Picasso, El Greco and Velázquez? Some of the best of the world’s critical thinking, stamped with the libertarian “A”? To the republic? To exile? To the Mayan brother Gonzalo Guerrero?

What is the Catholic Church going to apologize for? For the passage of Bartolomé de las Casas? For Don Samuel Ruiz García? For Arturo Lona? For Sergio Méndez Arceo? For Sister Chapis? For the steps of the priests, religious and secular sisters who have walked alongside the original ones without directing or supplanting them? For those who risk their freedom and life to defend human rights?

  • * –

The year 2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Earth Color March, which we carry out, together with the brothers of the National Indigenous Congress, to claim a place in this Nation that is now crumbling.

20 years later we will sail and walk to tell the planet that, in the world that we feel in our collective heart, there is room for everyone, everything. Simply because that world is only possible if everyone, everything, struggles to raise it.

The Zapatista delegations will be made up mainly of women. Not only because they intend to return the embrace they received in previous international meetings. Also, and above all, so that the Zapatista men make it clear that we are what we are, and we are not what we are not, thanks to them, for them and with them.

We invite the CNI-CIG to form a delegation to accompany us and thus be richer in our word for the other that fights far away. We especially invite a delegation from the peoples that raise the name, the image and the blood of brother Samir Flores Soberanes, so that his pain, his anger, his struggle and resistance reach further.

We invite those whose vocation, commitment and horizon, the arts and sciences, to accompany, from a distance, our navigations and steps. And so they help us to spread that in them, sciences and arts, there is the possibility not only of the survival of humanity, but also of a new world.

In short: we leave for Europe in April 2021. The date and time? We don’t know… yet.

  • * –


Sisters, brothers and hermanoas:

This is our commitment:

In front of the powerful trains, our canoes.

In front of the thermoelectric plants, the little lights that the Zapatistas gave in custody to women who fight all over the world.

Facing walls and borders, our collective sailing.

In front of the great capital, a common milpa [crop-growing system].

Faced with the destruction of the planet, a mountain sailing at dawn.

We are Zapatistas, carriers of the virus of resistance and rebellion. As such, we will go to the 5 continents.

That’s all for now.

From the mountains of the mexican southeast.

On behalf of the Zapatista women, men and otroas.

Insurgent Subcommander Moisés.

Mexico, October 2020.

PS.- Yes, it is the sixth part and, like the trip, it will continue in the opposite direction. That is, the fifth part will follow, then the fourth, then the third, it will continue in the second and end with the first.

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