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#Berlin: Words from #Liebig34 on October 9

Berlin. These words echo across Dorfplatz, over the heads of the cops, to all those solidary people out there.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

Dear people out there, to all solidary comrades on the
Street here in Berlin and everywhere else.

With the evacuation of Liebig34 the repressive apparatus tries again to
to break us, to intimidate us, to make us feel powerless and
to be. Their huge police force, their surveillance, their
Permanent siege should give us the feeling / we are the problem!

But we are not the problem! We who fight for it, self-determined and from below our lives and our places of living to design. We who try to be away from sexist violence and
patriarchal total decisions to collectively change our everyday life
The problem is this shitty capitalist state with its Machos on our roofs tries to cover every area of our to control yourself.

It gives us courage to see that you are standing outside and supporting us. It encourages us to see how many people not only our house but above all, it defends the ideas it stands for.

We will not surrender. And even if they take us out of our tearing houses. We will return. And we will repeat what is taken from us.

This night can become significant. Let’s make history together, setting an example against state and capital. Let us feminist utopias become reality!

Liebig 34, October 9, 2020.

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