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News about the #Dete squat in #Bremen, #Germany

Bremen. Germany. Since Friday (09.10.20) afternoon the #Dete and the street section directly in front of the building is occupied by squatters and supporters.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

During the weekend there was a street party with music and live music, every day people’s kitchen, games and a lot of solidarity. (Spontaneous with about 50 people)

-Monday; In the early morning hours the information came that Senator of the Interior #MäurerDuArschloch wants to dissolve the occupation of the street until 05:00 o’clock. On the side of cops there were requests to remove the barricades and clear the street. The barricades were reinforced, cops seemed to be completely overwhelmed and did not try to clear the street despite their announcement.

Thanks to the cooperation and organization of many people involved, which seemed to have come out of nowhere, it was possible to give a great signal. There are night watchwomen and men, a LiveTicker, a legal team, people’s kitchens are organized, there are always people on site, sofas, pavilions and tables were brought, there are fire places and the barricades are stable <3

keep going !!!

More information at:

Telegramm, Infokanal_A:    

LiveTicker von ILBremen;   

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