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Douglas Patrick – Who’s Next?

A new article by North Carolina prisoner Douglas Patrick.

Submitted to Enough 14.

Who’s Next?

Revolutionary Greetings,

Current events have rightfully led to the agitation of the masses and general pandemonium as the awareness of, and open resistance to, the appalling escalation of police brutality continues. This political arm, that was originally commissioned with the duty to “protect and serve” the people, has become nothing more than a bureaucratic cliché, who has been granted a licence to kill at will in the name of “justice”. With great respect to the “book by cover” concept, allow me a brief opportunity to elucidate on the evidence supporting this claim.

It’s a common fact that the United States of AmeriKKKa was built upon a foundation of deception and genocide, with complete disregard for human life and liberty. The indigenous people who inhabited the land now considered “North AmeriKKKa”, predating its conquering by European settlers, were unjustifiably beaten, raped, tortured, enslaved, and slaughtered by these treacherous and wicked globe-trotters. Domination was the only agenda, and nothing was going to stand in their way. The competitive capitalist-imperialist nature of these tyrants led to the rapid growth in production and infrastructure fueled by slavery, thus elevating their rule and securing their monopoly.

This totalitarian mentality fed into these goons’ sense of entitlement and belonging to this newly-stolen land, which became the genesis to the bellicose xenophobic jingoistic ideology that now plagues this country from its core to crust.

During the overthrow of one oppressive body after another, legislative efforts brought forth a unique concept of by-laws and principles that gave birth to the United States Constitution of 1781, that was campaigned for as the fundamental solution to the injustices of the previous bodies, by relinquishing all power to the people. But division was, and still is, a grim reality that effects each and every person across the globe.

The capitalist-imperialist electoral politics that influence the sway and conduct of this government are orchestrated by the bourgeois dictatorship that control the inner workings of this illicit democracy. The political power of the actual people in a traditional sense is a complex facade, that has and will continue to be reinforced over the past centuries, through mass deception and manipulation. The collective people, or the overwhelming mass, is unwittingly subordinate to the will of these proclaimed leaders of the “free world”. The idea that the proletariat has equal opportunity is illogical considering the class oppression that is waged on the people.

This elaborate pacification is only a way to tame the mass, because the overwhelming force of the conscious people has extreme power in numbers and is superior to all. The election of the proletariat and organization of collective efforts is the only way to reach total revolution.

The fact that these incompetent capitalist-imperialist oppressors only hold the interest of self is reflective of the chaotic, near-police-state ruling over the people. The oath of duty is to “protect and serve” the people, but the perverse reality of it is that these community terrorists only protect and serve the corrupt and repressive wishes of their corporate-style bosses, effectively transforming these civil servants into a well-organized hit team for the U.S. Government, even if that means abusing, lynching, slaughtering and torturing the very same people they were sworn to protect.

Continuous and progressive demonstrations of violence, excessive force, murder, and constant abuse of power and authority, illustrate the cruel and malicious reality that these police officers and other law enforcement employees are the number one form of domestic terrorism. The war-like tactics that are implemented into the daily operations of these licensed killers are not equal to those needed to provide the protection and security that society needs. They are far beyond even the most extreme definition.

The supporting factors that enable these militants to continue their assaults on our communities are rooted in the endorsements that they receive from their Washington, DC capos of funding, intelligence and immunity.

These fascist-type goons operate before the public with plans of reform while reforming nothing at all, to project an idea of unity and protect their political veil while fooling the masses. This is systematic to their control and methods of mass manipulation. All the promises for positive change and reform create a false sense of hope amongst the people, as these visions are molded into their dreams. However, reality proves that the only changes being made are the increased number of people held captive in the thousands of razor-wire plantations across the country, through mass incarceration and industrialized servitude. The only reforms that have been made are to intensify the repressive policies that are used by these local terrorist departments to further their fascist-like tactics. Collectively, this has resulted in an all-time high of police-related violence and murder, and the over 2.3 million men and women caged against their will in the so-called “name of justice”.

If the plot still isn’t crystal, allow me to provide some clarity. The deliberate actions of the Minneapolis Terrorist Department employees, whose names I refuse to give the respect of recognition to, resulted in the public assassination of the Honorable George Floyd, bringing the reactionary behaviors of these uniformed killers to the people’s eye, and inciting global resistance.

War has been waged against this political cartel and their monopoly over the people. Active demonstrations, protests, rallies, and riots by the proletarian community in cities such as Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Portland, Charlotte, Atlanta and many more, resulting in the aggressive reforms of these Terrorist Departments and in some cases total abolishment, across the map. By force or by will change must be made. All of these political gangsters who exploit and misuse the power vested in them by the people will be held accountable at all costs.

The continuation of organized efforts will ultimately bring forth change. The “emancipation of humanity” is possible. Persistence must be sustained and the focus on the goal must be maintained.

Complete redress of this oppressive body is demanded and the political ideology that created this war-zone must be defeated and dismantled. The enforcement of all human rights are the primary point of focus for this revolution. The reactionary mentality of these tyrants do not stand a chance against the intellectual complexes, passion and pure will that motivate this struggle for freedom.

We the people demand that all power be stripped from the bourgeois regime and returned to the proletarian community. The destruction of this oppressive government is vital to the survival of the people.

Through the application of historical/dialectical materialism, we can better understand the needs for human prosperity. The enactment of a communist-type structure evolved to its fullest potential will eliminate the burdens that oppress the majority of the world’s near 7 billion people, through common ownership of property and proportionate distribution of wealth, ensuring the longevity of the people and annihilating all barriers, borders and divisions.

Comunication is imperative to the success of resistance. This tyrant must be defeated. Stop being victimized by their shrewd attempts at pacification. The corporate monopolization, lynching, terrorism, abuse, lies and kidnapping will be stopped immediately.

We will no longer allow the people to be exploited and misled by these oppressors. We are the people, we are the power. Speak up, speak out, be heard, get active.

The struggle for freedom continues.

Dare to struggle, dare to win,

All power to the people!

White Panther Organization, NC Branch Representative

Douglas “Double G” Patrick

Any reading or study materials that you can send to Douglas M. Patrick at the following address will be gratefully received:

Douglas M. Patrick #1380193

Alexander Correctional

633 Old Landfill Road

Taylorsville, NC



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