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Communiqué of Prisoners of the Social War in #Chile for the Destruction of the Prison Society

Chile. To all those who fight against this world of oppression and misery.

Originally published by Contra Info. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.

Communiqué of Prisoners of the Social War in Chile for the Destruction of the Prison Society

-To all those who fight against this world of oppression and misery.

“The reality of the prisoners at war in Chilean prisons cannot be falsified. In the day to day there is struggle, there is no silence and even less forgetfulness. Different generations of subversives who meet express similar views in this present of struggle.”

(Appeal of prisoners at war April 2015.)

“The prison is yet another scene of struggle on the road to confrontation, the anti-authoritarian confrontation for me has not ended, it has only changed form.”

-Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda.

1.- Always for the permanent Revolt.

“The experiences of past defeats remain alive … pulsating and will grow in such a way that we will be able to surround on all sides those who in a past battle defeated us.”

-Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz.

The revolt that began on October 18, 2019 was, among other things, the crystallization of the multiform and anti-authoritarian struggles that have occurred in this territory during the last decades, an undeniable sign of the continuity of an antagonistic and subversive path.

The non-existence of a common petition and a centralized leadership clearly demonstrates the anti-authoritarian sense of the revolt, which in its multiplicity and autonomy found its main strength, cracking the established order, power and all institutions.

We recognize the creative capacity of revolt, violence and the fertility of the multiple subversive actions that have been unleashed and expanded these months, throughout the territory, but we neglect the notion of “Social Outbreak” as the culmination point, metaphor of the pot under pressure, of an instant, characterizing the revolt as a volatile phenomenon, whose duration lasts as long as the noise of an explosion or the light of its flash. The revolt stresses individualities and generates ruptures; in collective action, the fictitious margin of what we previously believed impossible moves; how many dreams and conspiratorial musings escaped from their obsessive prison to materialize in beautiful images of freedom; how many individuals took those decisive steps from which there is no return, in antagonism to this world and its order. For months, the maximum anarchy came to life in action: after all, the destructive passion is also a creative passion.

But the politics of the day have sought to channel those energies towards the institutional paths with a new plebiscite, which only seeks to save the system itself, its own order.

Our best tool will always be reflection, analysis, our own conscious gaze that focuses on a daily task that reflects what we are, what we are in and what we expect. The continuous beat of direct confrontation, torture, imprisonment, death and life is the active present where we unite inside the prisons in a transversality of libertarian oxygen against the State, its military, police, political and economic violence.

“It was worth it? Impossible to answer with a simple “yes”, sometimes so dry, empty and self-satisfied, there are many more things to weigh. But it is undeniable that every experience in search of freedom is worth it; taking charge of existence with all its victories, its defeats, its joys and its sorrows, those priceless experiences that the submitted can never know.”

-Joaquín García Chanks.

2.- Neither left nor right, like yesterday, neither votes nor boots; just fight!

We become part of the urgencies of struggle, breaking with normality, unmasking conductions and leaderships that claim the intentions to pigeonhole in elections, candidates or organizations, the anger, the rebellion and the energy of the revolt.

We repudiate the totality of functional and mercenary politics, all its fanfare with the stale pamphleteer folklore, whose rotten end is to co-opt and control lives. It is not about change for the sake of change; it is not about new forms; it is not citizen progressivism; it is not a new constitution, nor reforms to capital. It is the palpable possibility of being free: women, men, dissidents; children and grandparents with a dawn where the pestilential rottenness of the State, power, its castes and its luxuries fall to pieces.

The decision continues to be to rise up, rebel and stop dancing to the sound of submission; give weight to the tenderness of love in war; face the violence of the State with lead, gunpowder and autonomous and subversive fire. Make ourselves strong by learning in offensive resistance, each with their own abilities.

It is about giving the final opportunity to the confrontation with the world of power, its supporters and false critics.

We have waited a long time and this unique moment of profound discrediting of capital’s democratic fantasy requires that uncontrolled flow of freedom that appears revitalized from different spaces of reality through the infinite forms of organization for the fight for total liberation.

Just as at the end of the ‘80s, we have nothing to do with the electoral show, plebiscites and bourgeois rearrangements for the makeup of the existing order; our only choice remains to stoke the rebel fire of the Revolt.

“All law is part of the domain, but my voice does not shut; what I think is what I say. Your jails, your schools, your jobs exist to support your privileges. Their money and merchandise, their power and their family feed my conviction to fight for Anarchy.”

-Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda.

3.- The prolongation of persecution, repression and confinement as a reason of the state.

In this journey, we have had to go through and face the prison, among other realities, as an inalienable, assumed, but not wanted part of the subversive struggle.

Imprisoned at the hands of a State and its democracy to protect their social peace that sustains their violent opulence.

In this way, we have had to live in prison since the late 1980s, knowing first-hand all the changes in the prison police-political legal framework: we have been minors under the control of the Sename [National Youth Service, which runs prisons for children], prosecuted by military prosecutors and visiting ministers; we have known torture of the police, disappeared for days in their nauseating barracks; we have been convicted in trials plagued with irregularities under its antiterrorist laws and its criminal procedural reforms; we have seen the servile concomitance between journalists, policemen and prosecutors as supporters of sham trials, as well as bureaucratic revenge and practice of gendarmes and their isolation in high and maximum security confinement systems where we have been destined for decades.

Neither victimhood, nor welfare, nor self-affirmative empty protagonism inhabit our life practices.

We have been recipients of a legal uncertainty affirmed in the macabre reason of state that at this moment has the maximum point of illegality within its own legality in the situation of our colleague Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, who is kept prisoner, altering his compliance times with the purpose of maintaining it by purging 40 years of effective confinement, covered by a well-known recent modification called Decree 321 regarding conditional liberties.

We make an urgent call to publicize your situation and to reveal the revenge of the State it contains.

They have been imprisoned for more than 25 years that cannot continue to last and we join forces in the fight so that Marcelo and all the prisoners of the social war return to the streets as soon as possible.

“In the generation of complicity, in the conspiracy and in the action we are taking links from our chains, we are experiencing, even if they are fleeting, small moments of freedom. The decision to destroy everything imposed is made in the first person, that is, it is an individual decision freely assumed with all the risks that it implies.”

-Francisco Solar Domínguez.

A year after the revolt that shook October, we rebelled against every beginning and end; we rejected the idea of ​​a commemorative date dissolved in the waters of History and of which to make use periodically, like a trophy that is dusted to remember and live, always in the past, the supposed punctuality of the subversion and the segmentation of a real antagonism. Far from the options of power and its institutional path to re-legitimize itself, the only thing that remains, is the priceless and unquantifiable experience of projecting oneself in ways of antagonistic denial to a world of falsehoods, domination, misery and laws.

The call is to sharpen and intensify the confrontation that translates into the qualification of the offensive, in the multiplication of the action groups and in their coordination.

Coordinations that allow generating dialogues that broaden views and strengthen positions, that enable exchanges of all kinds and that are aimed at provoking and deepening the destabilization of the established through forceful and constant blows against power.

“May complicity multiply by strengthening urban combat, like a guerrilla force breaking into every corner against the military police state and all its political fauna.”

-Juan Aliste Vega.

We salute the dignified resistance of Mauricio Hernández Norambuena, who has fought with integrity for more than 18 years against the vile revenge of power that keeps him in an insane regime of punishment; We embrace the indomitable Resistance for Mapuche liberation, their imprisoned Weichafes [Warriors] and their communities in struggle; to all anarchist, anti-authoritarian and warrior prisoners for the total liberation distributed in prisons around the world.

We embrace our loved ones, comrades and unconditional complicities that fill us with newen [Mapuche word for “strength”] to continue the daily fight against confinement.

We walked with Andrés Soto Pantoja, Norma Vergara Cáceres, Pablo, Eduardo and Rafael Vergara Toledo, Pablo Muñoz Moya, Alejandro Sosa Durán, Ariel Antonioletti, Claudia López, Sole and Baleno, Sergio Terenzi, Alex Lemún, Julio Huentekura, Matías Catrileo, Jhony Cariqueo, Mauricio Morales, Zoé Aveilla, Lambros Foundas, Herminia Concha, Javier Recabarren, Sebastián Oversluij, Daniel Vielma and all the brothers and sisters, combatants and warriors from all over the planet who accompany us from somewhere in the universe and the stars in this fight for the life, for the preservation of the earth, against the state, prison and capital.

We embrace the tortured, mutilated, persecuted, prisoners and fallen in the October Revolt, we think of them!

To all comrades from different territories who speak the same language of war with different languages, we embrace them in active internationalism, in the subversive, autonomous and black brotherhood.

Combatant youth: permanent insurrection!!

Walking with rebellious dignity and subversive gaze, in and out of prison:

Towards total Liberation!

As long as there is misery there will be Rebellion!

May the revolt blow up the prisons!

Sharpen the conflict, intensify the offensive!

For the extension of solidarity with the prisoners of the social war, the Revolt and the Mapuche liberation!

Memory, resistance and subversion!!

-Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, San Miguel female prison.

-Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz, C.D.P. James 1.

-Francisco Solar Domínguez, Maximum security section-cas.

-Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, -Juan Aliste Vega, -Joaquín García Chanks, High security jail.

Santiago, Chile. Sunday, October 18, 2020.


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