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#Barrie, #Ontario: Mi’kmaq Solidarity Rally

Barrie. Ontario. In response to the increasingly violent attacks against the Mi’kmaq by settler fishermen, dozens of people in “Barrie” converged at Meridian Place, downtown, on Saturday October 24th to stand in Solidarity.

Originally published by Northshore Info.

Speeches were made explaining the ongoing struggles faced by indigenous peoples across so-called “Canada”; flags were flown and signs held for passing traffic to see. Many of the passing cars and trucks honked their horns, proudly, in support.

From the crises in Wet’suwet’en, the LandBack campaign in “Caledonia”, and of course, Mi’kmaq; Indigenous peoples and their ways of life are once again under attack by the colonial Canadian state. Nevertheless, the people of so-called “Barrie” stand strong in opposition to these terroristic attacks!

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