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#Lesvos: Self-Organized #Pikpa camp is being evicted

Lesvos. Greece. The Pikpa camp on Lesvos is getting evicted just now.

Originally published by Leave No One Behind Telegram channel.

Pikpa has offered over 30,000 people in need of protection, the elderly and the sick, as well as unaccompanied minors, dignified accommodation and a place where they feel safe. While a new, unworthy Moria misery camp has arisen a few kilometers further in Kara Tepe, the people are being displaced from the dignified accommodations. Instead of “No more Moria” it is now called “No more Pikpa” on Lesbos.

U governments claim that everything should get better, the reality looks different: The people living in PIKPA are to be brought to the old Kara Tepe camp, where the first positive Corona case was identified yesterday. Additionally the operators of Pikpa are threatened with a fine of 2.5 million euros.

At the moment, no social workers, medical NGOs, or journalists are allowed onto the site. If you want to continue to support the idea of a dignified treatment of refugees, you can donate on

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