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#Corona state measures: Let us not leave the field to the far-right and conspiracy theorists again! Be prepared and get organized!

Go to School! Consume! Go and stay home! Repeat! – Go to Work! Consume! Go and stay home! Repeat!“

That is what the German government actually decided last week. Once again the ruling class showed their true face: with the new Corona measures they made clear we all are just human ressources to keep the capitalist order going. The students are the human ressources for the future, the workers for the present. The goals of the ruling class probably never were so obvlious. People are allowed to press themselves in full buses, production plants and big school classes, because the Euro has to keep on rolling. But they are not allowed to go to a bar or celebrate their birthday with their friends. Some politicians even propose to let authorities check private appartments.

Published by Enough 14. Written by Riot Turtle.

From November 2, bars, cinemas, museums, swimming pools and many other recreation facilities will be closed in Germany by government decree. Amateur sports in clubs will be forbidden, professional football be allowed without audience. Its no wonder that its too dangerous for an amateur football team to continue playing, but professional team can continue. This isn’t about the virus. This about money for TV rights and sponsors. The Euro has to keep rolling.

You will not hear me saying that COVID-19 isn’t dangerous. I am not a COVID denier. But having said that: I already opposed the Corona state measures in March and I still do. Already in March people were still forced to go to work. As if a virus differentiates between work- and free time. The government wanted to demonstrate that they are capable to act against the virus and protect the capitalist order. It is pretty clear that the countries with a ruined public health system, are the countires with the most Corona deaths, no matter what kind of repressive Corona state measures governments had installed. The budget cuts of the past years in public health are a bigger threat in these times of Corona, than a few kids on a party. People in Germany were just lucky that there were less budget cuts in public health in Germany, in comparison to countries like Spain or Italy. By the way the German government was one of the leading forces of the Troika, which forced these budget cuts in Spain and Italy.

Instead of working on their own narrative and finding ways how to deal with the virus, major parts of the German left supported the authoritarian Corona state measures and by doing that, they left the oppositional space open for the far-right and conspiracy theorists. These Corona deniers used the opportunity to mobilize „new“ parts of society. The small parts of the German left that opposed the state measures were often villainized as Corona deniers, which they were not. There is now more division than ever before in the German left, but for many antagonstic groups that opposed the state measures this could create new chances. In these dystopian times its important to know who supported the authoritarian state in this moment of truth. Anti-authoritarians have not much to gain in coalitions with the „Corona-conformable“ left.

It will be difficult to repair the damage that was done this spring but its not impossibe. Like in many other states, a possible revolt will not happen with these parts of the left anyway. That is actualy not surprising. Many of the revolts in other states in the past few years were also not initiated by the so-called left. Often, like for instance in Chile, antagonistic anarchists and others of the antagonistic left joined, but they didn’t start the insurrection. In Germany that won’t be different. What antagonists can do in the present situation is to get ready and to show possibilities by doing actions with militant tactics. Many people see the double standards of the government. More and more people recognize that the state is only protecting the capitalist order and they are fed up with it. That could create a momentum for a revolt. In my opinion we have to take care that the far-right and conspiracy theorists cannot hijack that momentum. For that we have to be prepared and get organized!

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