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Subversive Prisoner Juan Aliste Vega: The Same Enemies, A Continuous Struggle

In October of 2007, a Santiago branch of Banco Security was robbed, during which a servant of the bourgeosie (a cop) was killed. On July 9, 2010, comrade Juan Aliste Vega (a fugitive since October 2007) was arrested at the bus station in Retiro. He was accused of participating in the robbery of the Banco Security, along with Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda (an ex-militant of the Mapu Lautaro and currently an anarchist comrade), and Freddy Fuentevilla Saa(an ex-militant of the MIR [Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria/Revolutionary Left Movement]).

Originally published by Publicacion Refractario. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.


The year 2010, 10 years ago, as we were doomed to our defenses and when the battlefield is legal in a text that we edited in 2010, we set a position as enemies of the state and faced a new passage through prison as hostages of power. Thus we closed an important cycle of action, but not ignoring our path, when almost 30 years ago we assumed that stage of being political prisoners and combatant prisoners.

The decision of continuity in the struggle surpassed the classic and watertight formats that did not allow subversive continuity. Directorates, command verticalities, militancies and politico-military structures are surpassed. The learning and the method are collected in the urgency of reinventing ourselves in direct confrontation and with a real-concrete demand, whose decision put us in the sights of power again; to this is added the ignorance and the loss of prestige of an environment that we fought, was defeated, and settled in the recesses of a controlled society, whose political structure allows and is capable of supporting or co-opting any form of rebellion.

A context where the neoliberal model with its transitional and democratic formats strengthened the mechanisms of oppression imposed by the dictatorship. We broke with the established and from our position as enemies of the state we deployed the continuity of the struggle, with our lives re-enchanting ourselves and meeting with black hearts, assuming the horizontal-permanent and autonomous practices and ways, a combat in movement and transversal against a common enemy, as is the state that controls the territory-Chile.

Thus we have subversively revitalized fire, gunpowder, and lead. Useful tools in the hand of reflection and propaganda. From this reflection emerges “as long as there is misery there will be rebellion”; it accompanies us in a libertarian beat, understanding rebellion in those terms, as a life decision, as a definitive bet against order, where the idea is the concrete extension of direct action against power and authority.

All this without leaving our peculiarities, rescuing learnings and making reflection-action a constant, betting on a new urban guerrilla in which the oxygen of individual liberties is enhanced by the strength of complicities and the diversity of actions that rescue the continuity of the struggle and in turn are outlined and fresh decisions are drawn in a scenario where everything reeks of submission, control and power. Only as a humble excuse for subversive joy, we share these 13 years of consequent confrontation since that confrontation that occurred on October 18 (beautiful date) of 2007, where a cop guardian of the interests of the rich was killed and another cop was injured.

After the total persecution by the power structure and after the time we were captured in hiding on the other side of the mountain range, being expelled to Chile, passing through a puppet prosecutor Ricardo Peña, in turn licking the boots of a sinister military prosecutor Roberto Rebeco, who shows the untouchable military power and thus sustains political sentences materialized in high sentences -42 years in prison-.

From the date we were sentenced to date, that has not improved a bit, in a constant rearrangement of legal pieces and sheltering with fear of what they are and what they represent. They add more years in prison, dragged from the fight against the dictatorship.

Thus leaving Marcelo Villarroel to more than 50 years in prison. Also, through the retroactive application of fascist laws such as 321. The case is to leave our processes in legal uncertainty that substantially alters their own imposed prison terms.

Under this scenario and with 13 years of clandestinity and imprisonment in these democratic governments, we make new ideas that give support to our steps: “Walking with rebellious dignity and a subversive look inside and outside the prison, towards total liberation!” We reaffirm our conviction and with it a life of revolutionary struggle. We will not let go of this walk, nor the lucidity present in the reflection. We are the sum of the struggles, the accumulated experience that will not leave inventiveness and fertile learning.

We join our lives in autonomy and coordination, each one with his own; their desire and abilities. A walk without return, complete and consistent. Free as enemies of the state.

After 13 years of imprisonment, we continue to fight not only to tear down walls and bars. With new conviction, we do not let go of the fight against the prison society, we use all the means and instruments of subversion, the guerrillas and autonomy. In following our intractable lives in the face of so much embedded shit from power and its administrators. Nothing has changed, the black heart beats with more force, an indicator that everything is getting worse.

This active decision where the gaze sharpens the aim against all order, demolishing the impossible and feeling that the rebel resistance is real and that it knows about those untouchable murderers, torturers, abusers, administrators and accomplices of power that walk through the streets where we were born, In the fields and shores that we grew up.

With the option not only to resist, we have the possibility of being free by deploying ideas into action. Uniting our lives with all those who fight the state, and the pestilence that sustains it.

A complicit hug

As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!!!

Walking with rebellious dignity and a subversive gaze inside and outside the prison, towards total liberation!!

Juan Aliste Vega, Subversive Prisoner

CAS, stgo-chile

October 18, 2020

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