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You Blew it, Hewitt: Details of #Haldimand Mayor’s Financial Ties to Developers

Haldimand. Ontario. Under capitalism, it is money that often makes the election.

Originally published by Nortshore Info.

Link to Ken Hewitt, Mayor of Haldimand County’s, Financial Filings PDF (Public Info)

Under capitalism, it is money that often makes the election.

If someone receive lots of donations for their mayoral candidacy, they get to dominate the airwaves and the lawn signs and have schmoozy events.

We also know incumbents have the advantages of visibility and stability.

Stability in the sense that people don’t need to take a risk; they can choose the known evil and see it as lesser because, mostly, change is scary.

And of course, money and position equals power, and power corrupts.

With the racist shit the Haldimand mayor has been spouting off lately about Indigenous people at the Six Nations landback reclamation site, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that Ken Hewitt is somehow personally invested in this project.

What is surprising is how invested he is in the development of Six Nations territory as a whole.

Let’s start with what we already know: Hewitt has already admitted to having invested in a house for one of his children at the McKenzie Meadows development. In itself, this enough to bring about a conflict of interest. It should be enough to prompt him to shut his mouth when it comes to the land reclamation.

Now let’s talk about the fact that every single one of the contributors to his mayoral candidacy is somehow wrapped up in the construction and development of Haldimand County.

Every single one of his donors has an interest in the development or destruction of Six Nations territory.

Like Daniel Guizzetti, the founder and CEO of Empire Homes which is currently developing the “Avalon Community” on McClung Road.

Or Margaret Minor, who’s investment isn’t clear until you start perusing her facebook networks and realize she has some heavy family involvements in BJ Take and Azule Kitchens – a residential subcontractor for homebuilders.

Mary Ann Buma’s husband – Edward – owns BJ Take – a commercial lighting manufacturer.

Jaret Bousfield is the owner of Haldimand Commercial Maintenance, which has contracts for road maintenance and got nailed with the Environmental Protection Act not too long ago.

Daniel Silverthorn is the president of Silverthorne homes, which is developing in and around Caledonia.

Lisa Richardson, who on the surface looks pretty clean of this, whatever this is, but actually owns a truck driver certification program that has special partnerships to provide training for Lafarge. Lafarge mines aggregates on Six Nations territory, including the Gypsum operations. Gypsum is used primarily for drywall manufacturing. Mines have been known to collapse.

Neil Stephens is perhaps the one who doesn’t quite fit: a land owner and landlord of the Sandy Shore Trailer Park.

Daniella Schilthuis is of the Schilthuis Group, a construction company focused on industrial, commercial and institutional developments – and the MontHill Golf Club on Plank Road.

Jane Budd, partner of Peter Budd of Budd developments.

Paul Cameron of the Waterford Group, an aggregate resource company his father started.

Samantha Hossel of Jalmar Management Ltd – a vague and widespread corporation by all means that is somehow wrapped up in real estate.

Dr. Allen Greenspoon, a medical consultant to those in construction trades, as well as oil & gas, energy and transportation industries.

Of course, we saved the best for last.

Michael Corrado, or Springfield Construction, gave the maximum amount allowed to Hewitt’s candidacy.

The same Springfield Construction that lists current and upcoming developments at McClung Road. The same Springfield Construction doing work at the Cadillac Estaes and Thornburn Village in Cayuga. And, of course, the same Springfield Construction who has contracts for building the single family homes at McKenzie Meadows.

You blew it, Hewitt.

Now shut the fuck up and step down.

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