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#Lesvos, #Mytilini: Mayor #Kyteli wants to turn #Moria2 into a closed camp

Lesvos. Greece. Police blocking people from reaching the main gate in new Moria. Why? Because only 750 are allowed to exit the camp per day. Early in the morning people line up before the gate, hoping to exit the barb-wired, fenced areal. Usually, at 11 AM this limit is reached and people remain in the camp.

Originally published by Leave No One Behind Telegram Channel.

NGOs run Mental health clinics, schools, and legal centers outside the misery camp. Now many people aren’t showing up for important appointments due to the restrictions.

As Corona infections in Greece and on Lesvos are rising the Mayor Kyteli from Mylitini requested the ministry of migration and asylum yesterday to completely close the camp. As a result, inhabitants will no longer be allowed to move in and out under any circumstance but urgent medical need. Covid should not be used as a tool to discriminate against people seeking protection.

Already now the camp is locked completely on Sundays. No one can exit, no one can enter. Human rights workers stand behind locked doors.

“If they close the camp entirely, we will go mad” one of the inhabitants, stuck between sand, saltwater, and tents in the new Moria tells us. Understandably, we would, too.

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