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Solidarity without Borders for Prisoners of the Chilean state

Statement by German comrades in solidarity with prisoners in Chile.

Originally published by 325.

We express our solidarity with the prisoners of the Chilean state, who have already been in preventive isolation for more than 8 months, due to the sanitary measures for the Covid 19 virus. We understand that the authorities are once again using isolation, as a method of repression and torture against those who are held in the dungeons of the capitalism. Using the prohibition of family visits as a punishment for those who have already been sentenced by the laws of the Chilean state-capitalist-prison.

From the other side of the world, we send a warm greeting to those, who resist the scourges of repression and the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic-control, both inside and outside the prison walls.
With fire in our hearts and hands… Here nothing is over, everything continues….

“Until the last bastion of the prison society is destroyed.”
“As long as misery exists, there will be rebellion.”

From the territory dominated by the German capitalist state.
November 2020

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