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#Berlin: We need revenge for #Liebig34

Berlin. Connect urban struggles – Defend autonomous Zones! United we fight! Speech of Liebig34 at the international demo on October 31, 2020.

Originally published by Indymedia DE.

We fought. For years we have fought for this house.
The Liebig34 was our life, our refuge, a dangerous island of utopia. Our home.
Now it stands empty, our beautiful house, looks naked, looks sad.
We have given everything. We worked until the last minute to prevent this eviction.
Outside, people have risked so much to resist and attack even in this highly militarized zone.
Yes, many things could have been different, many things could have been better organized and yet, in the end, the success of this struggle is not measured by this eviction!

The Liebig was and is a symbol of anarchism and feminism. It is a symbol of feminism that shits on the aid of the state and screams loudly in its spiteful face.
We are queer and irreconcilable and stand for a feminism that does not make itself comfortable in neoliberal hipster Berlin and does not let itself be printed on glossy magazines.
The Liebig is a place where domination is questioned, where gender coercion is broken up, where people are not judged by their job or financial status.
It is a place of practical solidarity, where people found a room when they did not know where to go. Where people helped each other when things got tight.

With the eviction of Liebig34 the repressive apparatus tries to break us and intimidate us.
Your huge police force should make us feel that we are a problem again.

But we are not the problem!
We, who are fighting for self-determination and from below to shape our lives and our places.
We, who try to live our everyday life collectively, away from sexist violence and patriarchal bullshit! Even if they have heavy equipment and storm us with weapons.

We are many! We will be stronger.
Because we have so many things they don’t have and never dare to dream about.
We have utopias for which we fight. friends and allies we stand up for.
We have a backbone and a heart.
We know what it is like to look out for each other and to fight together.
We have lived collective moments and moments where we have smelled the scent of freedom.
No, they will not take away what drives us.

As anarchists, as feminists, as queers and as antifascists, we are in enmity with this capitalist state and its organs of repression.
Therefore we never demand solutions from above, but approaches from below!
We demand thousands of such places like Liebig34.
Places where we can be far away from consumerism, where we can try out a society free from exploitation and oppression.

The city of the rich is reaching out, creeping into every corner of our streets.
But in these corners lurks also our resistance, in ambush and unnoticed, but also loud and merciless.
Between the chic new buildings lies an utopia, squeezed between concrete.
But it is still there. Under the asphalt is still the beach.
We also see the powerlessness and the disgusting feeling of having suffered a defeat.
But it is not defeat in the long run. In this city there are so many people who don’t want to do this shit, who curse capitalism, who hate the cops with all their heart. In this city the situation is coming to a head and various struggles with which we are in solidarity are coming to a point that must lead to confrontation with the state and patriarchy. Renters protests, migrantifa-organizations, mutual help in times of corona-restrictions, worldwide feminist protests with thousands of FLINTA’s – we see you and stand with you. We should get out of the bubble, get into conversation, connect our anger, let our dreams melt together.

We take back the streets.
We take the neighborhoods that are more to us than just chic cafés and places of consumption.
We need more anger.
We need revenge for Liebig34.

Liebig34 lives! Liebig34 fights!

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