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Infoshop #Ljubljana: How people can understand what happened in Ljubljana on November 05

Ljubljana. Slovenia. Text from the Infoshop in Ljubljana about the events on November 05, 2020.

Originally published by Unkown Biker. Translated by Enough 14 and Infoshop Ljubljana.

How can we understand what happened tonight in Ljubljana

Tonight (November 5, 2020, Enough 14) social unrests happened in Ljubljana. Similar unrest that we are seeing in other European cities for weeks, where people are protesting against the autocratic measures of governments that are more committed to repression by which they are protecting capital and the interests of the elites, rather they are committed to public health which could save people from the virus. Many people entered the coronacrisis in unprivileged position: without jobs, without money for rent, without future.

Tonight many of them were on the streets. Young and angry. All kinds of workers. Those that did not find themselves addressed by the protests which are only fighting against the existing government. Just as the Friday protests did not reach these people, their form of protest today has not attracted many who come to the streets otherwise. Many people rather stayed at home. We did not take organized part in this protest either. However, this does not mean that their anger and the way they they expressed it, is in any way less legitimate than other forms of demonstrating Ljubljana experienced so far.

In the coming days there will be a number of conspiracy theories about and around this unrest, about whether it was a provocation from groups from abroad or from far right or leftist groups. We will probably never know who was involved in today’s protests. But it is the task of all of us who have been on the streets for months and years, not to buy into these conspiracy theories that are spread by the elites in power.

When this type of social conflict occurs, which we are not used to, and which occurred today, many people would prefer to believe that there is a deeper and more complex reason for it, or a group that controls everything on the ground. But sometimes that is simply not the case. Sometimes people simply have enough and riots break out. because people are sick and tired of being harassed by the police in the parks next to their apartment blocks, by the many nationalist insults that are thrown in their faces on the daily bases, by years of hard work that doesn’t even cover the cost of living, let alone enable them to live decently.

The question and challenge ahead all of us in the coming days is not how to distance ourselves from each other, but how we can find each other in our anger on the streets and how can we converge our struggles. At the end of the day, let us not forget that our common problem are not the young people who said enough is enough tonight. Our common problems are capitalism and authoritarian government. #ACAB

Text from the page “Proti policijski uri” on Facebook:

In spite of all the propaganda and maneuvers by the authorities and the state, it is necessary to trust the people and not fall for every provocation against which they are inciting us. There is no reason not to believe that the intentions of the participants in today’s protest were sincere and well-intentioned. Don’t believe all the stories that are presented to the public with the exact intention of creating confusion.

For us there is not only one acceptable way to protest. We understand that people express themselves in different ways. Therefore we support all forms of sincere protest!

We urge all liberal people to think twice before condemning today’s protests about what you want to express. If you do not know and understand something, it does not mean that there is a conspiracy behind it. Rather stay calm and listen, now the street is talking. It is clear that the police are the enemy. They are a tool of the elite and an obstacle between people and the possibility of another life.

There are no bad protesters, only bad cops!

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