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#Leipzig: Cop station marked – Greetings to #Lina

Leipzig. Germany. After a bad weekend with pre-trial detention for Lina and a free ride for the far-right movement of the “lateral thinkers” in Leipzig, we had to spell out the cops what we think of them. Thus we botched an ACAB to the police station in Plagwitz with two fire extinguishers filled with bitumen.

Image above: Burning barricade in Leipzig, Connewitz, on Saturday November 7, 2020. Image by @VioletWolf161

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

Even though the cops arrested the “commander in chief ” of the Antifa with Lina (The cops called Lina “commander in chief, Enough 14), we still knew where our enemies were and how we could cause them trouble. The events on Saturday in Leipzig touched us. In addition to the many oppressive and frightening events, the day made it clear on whose side the state and its thugs will always side.

We are used to being harassed by cops, many journalists have also been hit with a baton when they wanted to document what should not be shown. However 0n 7.11. this was again demonstrated in a very clear and unmistakable way:
While the “lateral thinkers” were able to violate all regulations all day long, attacked journalists and our people, the four water cannons and armored bulldozers chilled at a safe distance. When the “lateral thinkers” demo got completely out of control, our counter-demonstration was kettled (with reference to infection control). When later in Connewitz a (admittedly very big) fire was burning on the street, all water cannons were quickly on the spot.

We don’t want to complain about that, but we welcome the clarity in which the conditions come to the surface: In the face of a strengthening far-right, we can rely exclusively on those who, for their various reasons, are fighting for a free society.

Much has been lamented by the left about the fact that the Bautzen Higher Administrative Court has allowed the “lateral thinking” demo at all. In terms of the protective rights of citizens against the state, it is always welcome when the right to freedom of assembly is placed at a higher level than the reasons for limiting it.
However, as an instance of the state’s enforcement of power, any court is a bad court, and this is true regardless of whether it allows our political opponents to demonstrate, or as a very good independent court that prohibits or restricts their demonstrations. How a possible combative attitude towards courts can look like was recently described by the 3 of the Park Bench.

An equally militant attitude must be adopted toward the city administration. Rather than rejoicing that they wanted to send the unwanted “lateral thinking” demo to the city limits this time, we can always remember that their primary interest is to maintain the framework for the capitalist city.

The attempt by parts of the leftist movement to make themselves common with state action could also be observed in a frustrating way at the counter-demonstration: While comrades had to physically defend themselves against attacks by Nazis and hooligans thirty meters away, many people were most concerned to point out at the rally that the most important thing now was to cover their mouths and noses.
This is revealing because the “lateral thinkers” don’t care if we block, attack or insult them with or without MNS (Mouth and Nose protection masks, Enough 14). This goal of being the good guys is aimed at pleasing oneself and the government. We don’t mind putting on the mask, but yesterday the essential thing was that we were facing a fascist movement together, which has identified us as its enemies anyway and will use every opportunity, if it comes to power, to wipe us out. The personification of the misunderstood complexity of society in Soros, Gates and Merkel is there ( like with the anti-Semitism of the old Nazis) program and we (the antifa paid by Gates) as well as any other left group that is seriously looking for liberation will be a point in their program sooner or later.

We want to invite people to develop an attitude towards the state and its entourage that does not aim to take it over or to use it for our own purposes, but to engage in a political debate that aims at overcoming people’ s domination over people. We think it is a mistake, in view of the strengthening of this far-right movement, to side with the state and to hope that one’s own emancipative intentions can be realized through its actions. Because the state is so powerful, one naturally wants it on its side. But this is a misconception, it always stands on its own side. As tempting as it would be, however, the authoritarian and misanthropic way of thinking that underlies state action will destroy any truly liberating impulse.

Alerta Antifascista

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