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Autonomous Factory Rog, #Ljubljana: A call to the people for solidarity!

Ljubljana. Slovenia. Statement by Autonomous Factory Rog on solidarity in times of the Corona virus.

Originally published by Komunal.

A call to the people for solidarity!

The reality of the times we live in is deeply marked by increasing unpredictability, instability and difficult socio-economic conditions that are becoming unbearable for many. This distress we also feel in the Autonomous Factory Rog. We are afraid of pandemic, economic crises and we are afraid of totalitarian practices of the authorities. However, we know from the experience of past struggles that we can only fight this anxiety together – as a community. The Autonomous Factory Rog is therefore fighting against this capitalist devastation of our city, the world and society at largeby building a community of solidarity.

In this spirit we are announcing that, as a self-protection precaution, the physical space of the Autonomous Rog Factory is closing its gates. We will remain open and active for all initiatives and needs of mutual aid practices for our neighbors, the city and the international anti-authoritarian community.
And we keep calling upon: “Don’t increase social distance! It is time to invent new ways to care for the community! Let’s make sure we survive together so that we can resist together!”

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Autonomous Factory Rog

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