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Črne Mačke #Ljubljana: Solidarity with the Struggle in #Poland through our Struggle

Ljubljana. Slovenia. Statement by Črne Mačke in solidarity with the struggle in Poland.

Originally published by Komunal.

Solidarity with the Struggle in Poland through our Struggle

In the last two weeks we have been following the uprising of our Polish sisters and other comrades who are currently engaged in a bloody struggle against the patriarchal and clerical offensive which, with the help of parliamentary authority, imposes on women in Poland a ban on decision-making over their own bodies and restricts their right to abortion. We admire all those who, despite the danger of infection with the coronavirus, march into the streets and risk their bodies and lives for freedom and resistance in order to regain what was once won. The power and determination of the people revolting in Poland has inspired and filled us with hope that local and international insurrections of anti-authoritarian movements and freedom fighters will overthrow the oppressive attempts of the clerofascist Patriarchy.

Numerous recent and fierce popular uprisings all over the world are proof that a loud and clear resistance against repressive authority and capital in the times of the coronavirus crisis is not only possible but also indispensable. From the anti-racist struggles against killer cops in the USA, anti-colonial uprisings of indigenous peoples in Canada and Chile, the resistance against neo-liberalism in Argentina and Mexico, numerous workers’ revolts in Indonesia, Thailand and elsewhere, to the revolutionary struggles against totalitarian governmental acts e.g. in Italy and France etc.

Patriarchal measures are only one of many approaches that authorities use in their agenda of oppression, which deterministically tries to impose social roles and the meaning of life on individuals, especially on the basis of the gender imaginary. In this attempt, the authority in form of government has chosen a traditional ally – the Church. In our local context, we have recently seen an increase in public appearances that illuminate this alliance at the highest level. The word of the Roman Catholic Church has once again won the honourable position on public television in prime time.

The Church, which traditionally serves as the agitprop tool of Patriarchy, has used its newfound momentum on stage – alongside government officials – to revive its campaign against abortion. The violence of Church’s propaganda was not only present in the public media, but also physically in the streets – with posters and the “March for Life” that took place in Ljubljana about a month ago. Under the pretext of celebrating life and love, hundreds of members and sympathisers of the patriarchal church community gathered. Armed with balloons, banners, vulgar comments and physical violence against those who resisted, they expressed their aversion to the right of women to decide freely on the question of the birth of children.

Equally repulsive is the letter of the former Archbishop Stres in the statement of the Pravičnost in mir (Justice and Peace) Commission entitled Življenje ima prednost pred ideologijo in bojem za oblast (Life Takes Precedence Over Ideology and the Struggle for Power). The statement is precisely an impetus to maintain the position of authority, as it represents and defends the political views of the current government and puts pressure on anyone who disagrees with them – it attacks “irresponsible citizens”, discredits the public media, generates fear for the Friday protests and the demonstrators, and generally propagates the idea of a “culture of death,” which allegedly threatens Slovenia. On the other hand, the statement cites as a prime example the “March for Life” and the “fighters” who defend “human life since conception”. In doing so, it deliberately ignores the bloody history, the current reality of the Church and the perverted discourse on a culture-specific colonial view of human live that discriminates against and oppresses anyone who is not white, Western and male. The morally unacceptable and manipulative attitude towards human life, something the opponents are accused of, is indeed the normality of the Church itself. When the former Archbishop Stres talks about the health and life of women, he is in reality fact talking about rules that would take away women’s control over their own bodies and lives, thus maintaining and further strengthening male dominance. When he talks about the right to “life from conception onward”, he means the foetus from which a white, heterosexual Catholic European can develop into a nuclear family. When he talks about children’s rights, he not only uses these rights for his own political agenda, forgetting the rights of refugee children, but also deliberately diverts attention from far too many children’s fates who have been victims of paedophilia, committed by the same hands that usually wave the Bible while aggressively clinging to their rosary.

It is clear that the clerical alliance formed by the State, the Church and all its civil branches has practically unlimited resources that they can arbitrarily invest in propaganda material and campaigns. That is why it is absolutely imperative to be aware that we can only resist if we resist exactly what they are attacking; exactly what they are trying to control with the resurgence of clerical-patriarchal ideas; exactly what these “God-sent white men of strength” are trying to decide – we must put our bodies on the line. Only in this way can we defend them, only in this way can they remain free. We will spell them an out – with a sea of bodies and, if necessary, with our own blood – a loud NO!.
That is why we stand in solidarity with the popular uprising in Poland and at the same time lead our own struggle with the local patriarchs.


Črne Mačke

Ljubljana, 4.11.2020

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