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So-Called #Australia: Festival Of Resistance in Djab Wurrung Country

Update November 12: The Festival is cancelled! An invitation by the Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy for a Festival of Resistance.

Submitted to Enough 14.

pengal watika pengin warta Djab Wurrung tjaa

We call to you to come to Djab Wurrung Country

There is currently a supreme court injunction in place stopping work on the Western Highway Duplication until the 19th of November.

This injunction is not being honoured by MRPV (Major Roads Projects Victoria) or state government contractors. We are keeping watch over this sacred landscape despite being dispossessed and displaced as a result of our eviction.

pengal watika-yuropakk kankanpa winyat nyaka (we call on all who see) these acts of cultural genocide for what they are. We want to make it clear that when the state attempts yatjang puling kungat (to destroy) our cultural heritage, it will not be without a ngalang (fight).
Ngala kayap yaanyuk yulong
Ngala kayap yaanyuk larr

Ngala kayap yaanyuk nyipakat [burial place] [or] kalk-nyupanyu [buried bone]
Not one more tree
Not one more stone

Not one more buried bone
No compromise in ngalang-ngurrak tjaa-yuropak (our fight for country)

Come celebrate the continued resistance against the illegitimate settler colony. The yatjang peng (miserable) Andrew’s government knows that the only strength they have is playing dirty while you aren’t watching. Coming together through culture and kirwano tjining (ceremony) is telkunya-ngurrak (our cure) to their yatjang ngalang (brute force). pengal kia pengin (we ask you) to not be complicit through titjarak (silence) and inaction.

wartaka piya pangin-angurri (come join us) for the inaugural ~ Djab Wurrung Festival of Resistance ~ A decentralised COVID Safe gathering to reinforce our strength in the face of the government’s wilful ignorance. The Sovereign pirrk (people) of this tjaa (land) have always resisted occupation and assimilation and will not be silenced into submission.

pangpanggu tjaa top top katja (women’s country will never) be erased. Kerwanno chinning (Ceremony) and culture will save this world as it has done since the beginning of time.

wartaka nyaka pa (Come witness and) participate in a continuation of this proud tradition.

piya yuropak Djab Wurrung tjaa (meet on Djab wurrung country) at address ***TBC**** for directions to camp site location.

mutjaka nyaa pengin (bring what you) need to kumba pa tatal (sleep and stay dry), and your own plate/bowl/cup & cutlery. Everything else will be provided, pupup-care (childcare), family friendly acab vibes, don’t bring ya kal (dog) if ya don’t have to, but it’s cool, if they are.
mutjaka kupa nyam ba-in pa yang pap-in pa mimi-in (bring your friends, your mother and your grandmother), be responsible for yourself, and remember where you are.

Land Back is a verb.
tjaliki nyuntjal pa perrpurup mang Djab Wurrung tjaa

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, this is Djab Wurrung Country.
“This was never about just a couple of trees. This is about identity and standing up

for what is left of the Djab Wurrung. Djab Wurrung Country is magical.” Amanda Mohamet


For more information including posters, Facebook event and more see

Djab Wurrung Heritage Protection Embassy

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