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#FortressEurope: 30 people pushed back in brought daylight on #Lesvos

Lesvos. Greece. 30 people pushed back in brought daylight on Lesvos today (November 10, 2020) while UNHCR was watching, what was really done to try to prevent this, if any?

Originally published by Aegean Boat Report Facebook page (

The boat that arrived on Lesvos south this morning (November 10, 2020), carrying approximately 30 people, was pushed back, left drifting in a life raft this afternoon outside Dikili by the Hellenic Coast Guard.

The boat landed south of Katia, Lesvos south this morning. They where hiding in the woods, scared that the police would send them back to Turkey, after several hours they went to a road close by, and was found by police.

UNHCR was informed but did not intervene, or couldn’t, and the people was taken by a vessel from the Hellenic coast guard out to sea, forced into a life raft and left helplessly drifting outside Dikili. Astrid Castelein, head of the UNHCR sub office on Lesvos had no comment, when asked why UNHCR wasn’t able to prevent this violation performed by the Greek Government. In a video received by Aegean Boat Report, they asked to be protected by UNHCR, what was really done to try to protect these people, if any?

Aegean Boat Report obtained pictures (Above and below), videos and location data, so that we can positively confirm that they in fact was on Lesvos. There are also pictures, videos and location data after they where placed in a life raft outside Dikili, there is no doubt what happened to them, and who is responsible.

This shows that the Greek government is determined to prevent anyone to reach Greek soil, no matter the consequences or potential harm they may inflict on innocent people fleeing war and persecution. No measures have so far been taken by the EU to try to stop this illegal practice by the Greek government, even do they have received overwhelming amounts of evidence.

This is a s not a isolated incident, hundreds of similar cases have been documented over the last 6-7 months, thousands of people’s rights have been violated by the Greek government.

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