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Fascist violence in #Bielefeld, #Germany – Demo on November 14

Bielefeld. Germany. Last night (November 11) a young man from Bielefeld, who came here some years ago, was attacked with a knife by a group of fascists. The perpetrators left a swastika on the chest of the victim.

Originally puvlished by Antinationale Linke Bielefeld (@alibi602). Translated by Enough 14.

Meanwhile, the police seem to have learned NOTHING from the NSU: They accuse the victim of having carved the swastika on himself. They also threatened him and his family with deportation and carried out a house search against him.

Our full solidarity goes to the victim! For Saturday riseup mobilizes to Bielefeld for a demonstration in solidarity with the victim. Be sure to attend!


Saturday November 14, 2020.

15:00 Uhr (03:00pm)

Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof (Main train station, Hbf)

Bielefeld, Germany

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