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#Italy: We will pay tomorrow for what we do not fight today

Rovereto. Italy. Leaflet distributed on November 12 in Rovereto during the gathering in solidarity with the anarchists on trial.

Originally published by Il Rovescio. Translated by Enough 14.

Just one word: “curfew”. The fact that the states are using health care to impose a measure that historically has always indicated the military occupation of a territory, clearly tells us what era we entered. When 16 million minks have to be slaughtered – as is happening in Denmark – and 280,000 people living around the farms have to be evacuated to stop an even more dangerous form of Covid-19, the time has come to understand that a production system at war with nature can only cause global diseases and other disasters. When, during an epidemic, the rich get even richer and the poor get poorer, the structural violence of this society is perhaps becoming clearer to many.

Someone tries to respond to this violence. Because he/she wants a different world, or simply because he/she can’t take it anymore.

In the province of Modena alone, four hundred logistics workers have been charged and 120 are on trial for the pickets against Italpizza. For a picket, a historical weapon of the working class, you risk up to twelve years in prison today thanks to the “security packages” launched by the Lega-5 Star government.

Throughout Italy, three hundred anarchists are or will soon be behind bars for a series of operations ordered by the various Public Prosecutor’s Offices.

In particular, the trial against Juan Sorroche, an anarchist comrade who has always been at our side and at the side of anyone – in Trentino, Valsusa or elsewhere – who opposed environmental devastation and social injustice, will begin on November 28th. Imprisoned for a year and a half in the AS2 section of the prison in Terni, Juan is accused of an action against the party headquarters of Lega in Treviso in August 2018. While the top management of Autostrade per l’Italia [1] are under house arrest for knowingly letting a bridge collapse rather than spending money on its maintenance, our comrade is accused of “massacre” (a potentially life sentence crime) for an explosive attack against a branch of state racism…

This society is a locomotive without brakes launched towards the abyss. Those who try to pull the emergency brake, those who sabotage the race, those who attack the driver (instead of attacking those who do not pay their ticket in the third class), are our comrades, our companions.

Crash or rise up. The choice is ours.



[1] Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. is an Italian joint-stock company, originally born as a publicly owned company under the control of IRI, but privatized in 1999 and then incorporated in its current form in 2003.’Italia

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