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#Athens: Riot cops entered #Polytechnio – Cop terror in #Exarcheia

Athens. Greece. Yesterday afternoon (November 12, 2020) , the Polytechnio in Athens was entered by anarchist and student groups and individuals to enforce an opening during the three-day commemoration of November 17, 1973. Prior to this, the planned lockout had been leaked by the university management starting today, November 13. De facto the Polytechnio has been closed for months for political activities and is often a checkpoint for OPKE (cops) jeeps. There are no more events taking place there.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14.

In the evening, an open meeting took place on the premises, but the influx was hindered by cop units blocking the access area. In addition to free access to the grounds, the aim of the occupiers was to inflict political damage on the regime if it reproduces the images from 1973 and 1995.

The regime has now fulfilled this condition. As early as in the morning hours, people were arrested who had stood too long in front of the gate at Patission street. Now the cops stormed the gate – without resistance – by MAT, Opke and DELTA squads. 50 people were arrested. As of tonight, even stricter curfews will apply. All demonstrations on November 17 are banned. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating a trade union in Thessaloniki for calling for a demonstration.

Greece on the way to open fascism. So far society does not react.

The call for a rally on the Platia Exarchia today (November 13, 2020) at 4 pm was answered with more arrests, terror against passers-by, another storming of an occupation on the university campus of Zografou and drones flying over Exarcheia.

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