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#Rigaer94, #Berlin: From the concrete desert – Solidarity with Danni

Berlin. Germany. Statement by Rigaer 94 on the ongoing eviction of the Dannenrod forest occupation.

Originally published by Rigaer 94.

From the concrete desert: Solidarity with Danni

In order to build the last section of the A49 federal freeway the construction company Deges is willing and already has begun to destroy 85 hectare of forest. The affected parts are the Herrenwald forest, the Maulbach forest and the Dannenröder forest. 1000 hectares of earth are being cultivated in Dannenröder forest for more than 3 hundreds years. “Danni” is squatted since September 2019 in order to prevent the massive invasion into nature and by this the risk of endangering the drinking water supply of over 500,000 people from the Rhine-Main area.

In the middle of the hygiene crisis we see that the state and capital do not hesitate to show their real face, supporting the further destruction and plunder of natural environment for the benefit of capital, launching thousands of cops to evict Danni. We are not surprised that, when the state mechanisms prioritize the reproduction of capital, they decide to ruin pieces of land and forests which for hundreds of years have been obstacles to the rapid climate change (which is produced by the overuse of natural resources in the name of profit). Once again, the state is coming to serve faithfully the capital by guaranteeing that nothing will stand as obstacle in it’s profit-seeking.

Consequently, on monday the 10th of November, the eviction of Danni started. Hundreds of cops invaded the forest, cutting trees, arresting and repressing. Until now they managed to evict several tree houses, floor kitchens and make numerous arrests. But at the same time around thousand people are there to resist the destruction of the nature by different means.

And despite the fact that our struggle, as Rigaer94, is evolving in a metropolitan area, we consider the existence of structures and initiatives, as Danni, not only as necessary for the defense of the

natural wealth but also necessary as parts of the same struggle against a system based in exploitation and oppression. We stand in solidarity with the effort that the activists make not only during the difficult time of the eviction but also during their whole struggle. Even if we are fighting in different places and with different ways, our struggles are not only parallel but they also meet each other. They meet in the self-organised structures, in the horizontal assemblies, in the barricades. For a society of equality and freedom. For a society with more forests and less asphalt.

PS: By the time of writing this text, news reach us from the violent eviction of a tripod in the Danni forest. The rope of one person hanging four meters above the ground was cut by a cop, causing injuries in a way that can be understand as nothing else but purpose. We support all the concequences drawn by the activists after this potentially deadly attack that can make our resistance safer for us and more dangerous to the enemy force.




Rigaer 94, November 15, 2020

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