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#Berlin: Demonstration against repression on November 28, 2020

Berlin. Germany. As part of the decentralized actionday of the “Collective Resistance Campaign” at the start of the mass-trials against the G20-protests at ‘Rondenbarg’, there will be a demo against repression in Berlin.

Saturday | November 28, 2020 | 3 p.m. | Spreewaldplatz | Berlin

Originally published by Gemeinschaftlicher Widerstand.

Solidarity with those accused!

Another G20 group-process begins: In the context of the indictments against more than 80 demonstrator*s across Germany who were on the streets against the G20-summit in Hamburg in July 2017, the five youngest activist*s are the first to be dragged to the land court of Hamburg. The so-called “Rondenbarg” process begins on December 3rd and will last several months up to years. The prosecution’s reasoning of being held liable for mere presence is an attack on the general freedom of assembly of all. Because of their age (they were under 18 at the time) no public is allowed in the courtroom. All the more important that we create it outside! Let us make pressure against it!

That’s why we are calling for an anti-repression demo in Berlin on the decentralized day of action, the Saturday before the first trial date, as part of the nationwide “Collective Resistance” campaign.

We all know repression. Especially the past months were marked by deep repressive strikes against leftist movements. We know their violence.

We were together in Hamburg.
We were there for good reasons.
We can only stop the repression together!

Come to the demo! Bring your friends, comrades and neighbors! Also further actions are welcome. Please send us reports and pictures for publishing to gemeinschaftlich[at]

In solidarity with all emancipatory struggles!
Stop all proceedings!
Freedom for the prisoners!
United We Stand!

Meant are we all

The “Rondenbarg”-procedure is intended to establish collective guilt: The mere presence at a demonstration is sufficient to accuse the activists. They are not accused of personal, individually assigned actions. The accusations are based on a “collective act”. Condemnations will therefore massively restrict the freedom of assembly, since simply participating in a demonstration can then be interpreted as a criminal offense. This construct of “psychological support” on demonstrations was partially enforced in the judgment against G20 opponent*s on 10 July 2020 in the so called “Elbchaussee”-trial. Already the ban of the important discussion platform “Indymedia Linksunten” of the left-wing movement and the public searches that followed the G20 summit – one of the largest in the history of the federal german republic, in which more than 400 people were pilloried without any confirmed suspicion of crime – had a deep impact into fundamental rights and were intended to intimidate people. The current search warrants and accusations based on article 129 “Formation of Criminal Associations” of the penal code against alleged members of “Roter Aufbau” and the additional construction of a G20 connection to house searches in Berlin and Athens in September are another hard attac and serve in particular to spy out left structures. The searching in houses of activists in Frankfurt am Main and of the AStA (student organization) there this summer were even justified with the suspicion of “forming terrorist groups” (article 129a).

Movements and their attempts and perspectives of a different social organization, in which everyone can have a good life, shall be worn down – for the capital and the maintaining of power. So that we don’t go out on the streets by tens of thousands again.

To be fobbed off with clapping, ridiculous bonuses or restrictive social benefits. Non-payment of wages as by “insolvent” subsidiaries at the “Mall of Berlin” or unpaid overtime are still possible and labor rights are undermined. People are being evicted en masse and those on the streets are being controlled and chased away. Many neighborhood meeting places, house projects and pubs are acutely endangered in Berlin. The camp of worker*s mainly coming from Eastern Europe and the wagon commune “Sabotgarden” in the Rummelsburger Bucht, the youth center Drugstore, Syndikat and Liebig 34 have already been evicted. Anti-fascist organizations such as the VVN-BdA, founded by Holocaust survivors, are deprived of their non-profit status. Nazi structures are covered. Furthermore, antifascist are facing house warrants, charges, arrests and DNA-takings like in Baden-Württemberg and Leipzig this summer, whereby article 129 is brought into play again. Right-wing extremists and racist series of attacks like in Neukölln, however, are not to be cleared up and paramilitary, fascist networks continue to operate. The murder of Ferhat Mayouf, who burned in a cell in Moabit prison on July 23, 2020 while the jail gards ignored his cries for help until he fell silent, is once again declared a suicide. At the borders, militarization is pushed forward and arms exports are increased, whereby Germany is one of the largest arms exporters in the world for long time. Authoritarian states such as Turkey and its war of aggression against the democratic self-administration in Rojava are supported with arms deliveries, and Bundeswehr war missions like in Mali are intensified. The right to asylum is continually being curtailed and collective deportations continue to take place regardless of the pandemic. Left-wing international comrades, especially from Turkey and Kurdistan, are being prosecuted in Germany, as was recently pointed out again in the verdict on the TKP-ML trial in July 2020.

All of this to protect capitalist property and relations of production – a system based on squeezing our labor for the wealth of a few, destroying nature, promoting and defending racism and sexism – and killing people every day to enforce these interests.

Against their political trials and condemnations!
All together against police violence and repression!
For a liberated and solidary society without capitalism, racism and patriarchy!

Background informations about “Rondenbarg”

In the context of the protest against the G20-summit in Hamburg on Friday morning, the 6th of, 2017, a demonstration on the street ‚Rondenbarg‘ in Hamburg was brutally smashed by the Federal Police’s Evidence and Arrest Unit (BFE) Blumberg, with 14 persons heavily injured, some of them permanently, and another 59 arrested. There was no lack of sexist slogans like “That’s your breakfast, you antifa-F***” during the beating. Fabio V., one of the demonstrator*s, spent five months in custody until his trial got interrupted. During the past year, more than 80 demonstrator*s have received charges. Divided into eight procedural groups, they are accused of several crimes, such as serious breach of the peace, assault on law enforcement officers, attempted dangerous bodilyinnjury and formation of armed groups. They are facing prison sentences of several years. In form of a “pilot trial”, the five youngest demonstrator*s from the youth group will soon have to show up in court in Hamburg every week. The leading judge Georg Halbach is known for harsh sentences against squatters* and mild suspended sentences against group rapists. In addition, some of the penal laws that play a role in the Rondenbarg proceedings were only tightened shortly before the G20 summit and have since been used en masse against social movements – be it in the fight against gentrification, in actions against fascist and anti-feminist marches, in resistance to deportations, in blockades of arms exports or occupations of coal mines.

Let us show what collective resistance means!

Berlin part of the “Collective Resistance” campaign

Demonstration against repression at the start of the mass trials against G20-protests at “Rondenbarg”

Saturday | November 28, 2020 | 3 p.m. | Spreewaldplatz | Berlin

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